27 October 2012

Top 5 social networking sites that can help boost up your Blog Traffic

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You might be bending your  back for the contents on your blog, but it will not get its reward unless the Blog catches the audience’s eyes.
You need to increase your blog traffic significantly, in order to make your blog more popular.
Here are the top 5 social networking sites that can help boost up your Blog Traffic: - 

    1)    FACEBOOK
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·        Facebook is undoubtedly the best social networking site in the world.
·        It has become an addiction for the people worldwide, and thus is viewed daily at least once by almost all its users.
·        Thus, there is no place better than this to advertise your blog. If you create a Page or Group of your Blog’s name on Facebook, then you can make your blog popular worldwide in no time.
·        There is an option to in Facebook to make the Page and the Group visible to Public, and thus if you post anything on your Page or Group, people all over the world can view it.
·        Seeing the posts in that page, if the contents are able to attract the audience, then the users will definitely click on that post once.
·        Thus, in this way it can contribute to Blog’s traffic increment.
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·        Twitter is another website that has become very popular in recent times.
·        The main feature of it is that is allowing the users to “Tweet”.
·        The best feature of Twitter is that the Tweets are visible to the public by default.
·        Thus, whatever we tweet on our account is shared automatically among its users worldwide.
·        Thus, our blog might be viewed by many people, without taking much pain of sharing it here and there. Thus, it can contribute to blog traffic immensely.
·        However, the senders can also put restrictions on the message delivery and send it only to the people who have subscribed to their Tweets (commonly called Followers).
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        3)    MYSPACE
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·         This is also an amazing social networking site. Even though its        popularity has reduced in recent times, but still it has managed to on the top of the charts till now.
·        The blog are automatically posted on to a “Bulletin Board”, and is visible to user’s all friends.
·        It also has a feature called MySpace News, which displays the news that users submit in RSS feed.
·        It also gives users the chance to rank any news by voting for it. The higher the number of votes for any particular news, the higher it moves up the page.
·        Like Facebook, MySpace also has got a group creation option.
·        If a MySpace user also has a Twitter account, then his posts in MySpace will also be shared automatically in Twitter as well.
·        Thus, because of the presence of so many features, MySpace can help the bloggers increase blog traffic significantly.
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       4)    LINKED iN
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·        Linked in is the biggest Professional social networking site in the world. You can stay in touch with professionals all across the globe, by inviting them to join your profile.
·        You can popularize your blog on Linked In by adding the blog’s name as your Company’s name, and make it visible to all.
·        Thus, people can view it, and thus if view the blog once, and they get interested in your Blog’s content, then they might view it again many times in future and also recommend  invite others to view the Blog.
·        We can even invite other people to view our blog, provided we know the e-mail id’s of those people.
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       5)    Netlog
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·        This is one social networking website that has gone viral in Europe ever since it was launched.
·        In Netlog, the members can create their own web page, and extend their own social network.
·        There is even an option for a blog, in which the users can share their contents with others. Thus, they can make their blog and its contents more popular by posting on Netlog.
·        The posts in the blog will be automatically viewed to all its other users in the form of a news feed.
·        They can even publish their own music playlists, share videos with people.
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Thus, these are the top 5 social networking websites you must watch out, in order to take your blog to greater heights by increasing its traffic immensely.

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