17 December 2012

Incapsula v/s CloudFlare- the Best Free CDN providers in the world

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Incapsula and Cloudflare - two free CDN providers

Incapsula and CloudFlare are two leading Free CDN providers in the world, which provide your blog the best security and speed in free.

Every day, thousands of bloggers and developers join these CDN services to get the optimum results from their blogs and websites respectively.

But, the most important thing is that which CDN provider is better for your blogging purpose?

So, in this article, I am going to answer you about this two CDN providers features and at last, a conclusion in which I give my opinion –which is the best CDN provider for your blog.


I had already written various posts on the CloudFlare CDN provider, you can refer it from the given links below.


Incapsula is one of the leading CDN service company in the world, which makes your blog safer, faster and more reliable.

CDN comparison based on features:


CloudFlare has 18 servers all over the world - 10 in US, 4 in Europe and one each in Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore and Tokyo

 Incapsula has 10 servers all over the world – 4 in US, 4 in Europe and one each in Singapore and Tokyo.


CloudFlare provides awesome Facilities like JavaScript, HTML, CSS minifier and Rockspace Loader, which help your site load faster.

Incapsula doesn’t provide you such facility like Rockspace Loader, but it minifies your website code as same as CloudFlare.

Bandwidth Limitations:

Incapsula provides your blog 50GB/month bandwidth only.

CloudFlare has no such criteria of Bandwidth limit.


To apply CloudFlare on your website, you just have to change your DNS into rob.ns.cloudflare.com and bob.ns.cloudflare.com.

To apply Incapsula on your website, you just have to add a CNAME and A record in your domain CNAME and A record list.


In CloudFlare, it provides bot crawler, visitors and threats who visited your website after 24 hours.

In Incapsula, it provides Bot crawler and visitor stats regularly without any delay, but it doesn’t provide you the number of threats and attacks done on your site.


According to my experiences, I prefer CloudFlare because it has much better facility than Incapsula and speed wise, I again also prefer CloudFlare because when I am using CloudFlare, my blog speed is 2.98s whereas I get 3.95s, when I use Incapsula in my blog(GTmetrix Data).

If you have any queries related to these Free CDN providers, you can ask me by commenting below…

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