25 October 2012

Mozilla to launch a new OS in 2013:Good News For Open source Lover

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What is Firefox OS?

A great news for Mozilla lovers and mobile lovers. Now Mozilla is also not far behind in the field of  mobile computing. Now it has also came in the market to give an severe competition to other OS.

Now Mozilla has introduced a new version of mobile OS Boot to Gecko which is now to be known as Firefox OS.
It is a HTML 5 based OS which will energy the new era of mobile phones designed to start Web Standards.

The main objective of Mozilla is to promote openness, innovation and chance on Web users and developers.

It is mainly launched on expectation on increase of web users in future and give them a powerful tool i.e smartphone experience that anyone can use it.
Company announced to launch first Firefox enable OS next year i.e may be in initial months of 2013.

As initially Firefox OS hardware will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and will be produced by ZTE and TCL(A major Company producing Chipset for Mobile).

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What you have in Firefox OS?

This OS is fully on a open mobile ecosystem depending on HTML 5 on which application can be easily made by an HTML 5 programs.

Firefox wants to  foot print its OS around the globe with the leading providers like Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Sensible, Dash, Telecommunications Croatia, Telefonica and Telenor which are backing the open Firefox OS as an exciting new entrant to the smartphone marketplace.

The first gadgets to function the new Firefox OS, using Snapdragon(TM) processor chips from Qualcomm Included, the leader in smartphone systems.

The first Firefox OS operated gadgets to be released commercially in Brazil in beginning of 2013 through Telefonica’s commercial brand, Vivo.

Due to the optimization of the platform for entry-level mobile phones and the removal of needless middle ware layers, mobile operators will have the ability to offer better experience at an affordable prices.

Mozilla and all other members have ensure to guarantee the project to be fully opened and the reference implementation of the required Web APIs which where submitted to W3C.

You can watch a demo video here for more information.