14 November 2012

Top 5 tips which help you to get more website traffic from Twitter

12:45 AM By Gaurav Sharma , , ,

web traffic from twitter

Why am I writing this post?
As you know, today social media is the best way to express your thoughts in front the world and also for bloggers to acquire decent targeted website traffic for their blog, which may help them to gain more revenue in a short duration.
Today, the most famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. cover the blogosphere and have become the main source of earning. But for newbies, it is very hard for them to convert these sites into a money publishing machine.
There are many authors in the blogosphere, who have worked on these sites and are ready to share their experiences, so that no newbies face any troubles in starting getting revenue from these sites. Likewise, I am also one of the authors trying to share my experience with all those readers who are willing to make money through Twitter.
In the starting days of my blogging career, I also faced some difficulties in getting traffic from Twitter because I was a habitual user of Facebook and all this Twitter stuff was new for me. But one thing I knew was that I have to get targeted website traffic from this site at any cost.
This spirit give me incredible power to read other authors blog to check how could I increase my revenue from Twitter and after researching so much, I found these 5 tips which really helped me to make my blog as a brand in the world of twitter.
I think it should be the best tips for you also to get traffic from Twitter.com
The tips which gave me a lot of traffic from twitter are as follows:-
·         Make your Blog Profile Interesting:-  Here I have to give an example –as you know without a good resume an employee never gets a first good impression. Similarly, without a great profile, how can you think of getting a follower’s good impression? So first of all, make your twitter blog profile interesting so that it can attract readers to come to your blog.
·         Follow some authors twitter profile:- If you have to increase your business in the world of twitter, you have to follow some famous authors twitter profile and be active there by retweeting their posts and comment on their wall post. However, if the author of that profile doesn’t notice you, who cares??
You just have to post regularly because every day there are millions of visitors visit their twitter profile and I think, most of them may see your tweet.
·         Tweet Regularly:- As you know , when you don’t post an article in your blog, you can easily find a decrement in the website traffic of your blog. Likewise, in twitter, when you forget to tweet you can easily find the decrement in the traffic referral from twitter.
If you do not have a new post, tweet the old one which got a decent traffic previously on your blog because I am damn sure that there are many people who might have not read the post. So tweet regularly.
·         Make it easy for readers of your blog to tweet:- Without adding any follow and tweet button in your blog,  your blog’s reach can’t expand drastically. To add this gadget in your blog, you can take help from add this website, which gives you a code to add this gadget.
·         Use URL’s shorteners  and attractive titles:- Use the URL shortener , so that you can tweet in a more appropriate way on twitter because sometimes there are some posts , which need some space to describe the subject nicely to your followers and tweet in such a manner so that it can help your twitter profile to gain the attention of your followers.

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