17 October 2012

Create your own online photo album and send it your Loved ones with Zoomin.com

Hey guys. This post is useful for those who want to give something unique and special to there loved ones on their Wedding, birthday, Valentines day etc..
In the website Zoomin , you can create your own Photo album using many exciting features given by zoomin like photo printing, canvas printing, collage printing, photo frames and lots more.

Here, I am listing a few features of the zoomin website :-

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Here you Have an Expert zone in which you can ask your queries related to photography.You can ask questions and even answers the queries of other people. This websites gives you an awesome experience of creating an online photo album plus getting an online photo storage like Flickr but there you can only have your photo storage.

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Another very important feature of Zoomin is that if you want to buy a camera, and you want some expert advice, then zoomin is the best place for you to visit. It has an extensive range of cameras within your budget range. If you want to know anything about a particular camera, you can ask questions and experts will answer your queries.

Also zoomin gives an wide range of options to edit, change and remove your photos in our desired  manner and gives us a wide range of photo-mixing and photo-editing options.

Also, one of the most remarkable feature of zoomin is that your facebook photos can be directly viewed here and we can use those directly pics whenever needed.,without even needing to open the facebook account (provided your account in zoomin has been created through facebook)

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Now, how to get your creation. or send it to your relatives. For this, zoomin gives door to door service. Album(s) created by you can be easily shipped with the fastest courier services across India with very less shipping charges.

You can have also enjoy exciting offers by zoomin on special occasions like Diwali, valentine day and many more.

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Also you can directly upload your photos from your desktop. You just have to download a 7.4 MB software which will give you a direct access to this site from your desktop.