13 October 2012

Pallav Jain (Co-Founder of ComFuge-A World of Geeks)

1:19 AM By Pallav Jain

The Author of this blog ( PALLAV JAIN) is a 3rd year Student and is currently pursuing his B-TECH degree from COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING branch from VIT UNIVERSITY. 
Pallav Jain

I am also the Chief Editor at ComFuge.org . I Edit the articles written by the other authors of this blog, apart from the articles written by me.

I am very passionate about my studies and I am more interested in gaining knowledge, rather than just hankering or craving for grades or marks.

My hobbies are listening to music, writing blog(s), interacting with people, gossiping. I am a very fun loving and adventurous person.Travelling is the most important part of my life. According to me, travelling is the most important part of education. It not only refreshes my mind, but also gives me a chance to explore more about people and places.

I like sharing my knowledge with people in whatever ways i can( be it teaching, sharing information through Blog etc.).So, through this blog i am fulling my dream of writing about latest technologies and also sharing knowledge with people across the globe.