28 October 2012

Make your trips more memorable!!!

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Refresh all your memories that you have cherished so far in your heart, by giving them an opportunity to re-live them.

Convert the collection of your photo clicks into an awesome video, and give your loved ones an incredible gift in the form of a video of those memories.

Rejuvenate these memories and make your trips lively again.

To convert your videos into memorable slideshows effortlessly, visit the website   Tripadvisor.
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The following are the main features of the website Tripadvisor:-

    1)    The main purpose of creation of any video is to depict the kind of theme it represents. For this reason, this website allows you to choose a variety of themes.
Depending on the type of trip that you undertook, the themes can be chosen accordingly (e.g. – Romantic , Family tour, Excursion, holiday etc.). Themes are available for all kinds of trips.
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    2)    The best part of it is that it allows you to choose your photos from a variety of sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and even from your own system.
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    3)    From the list of selected photos, we can also delete some photos if we don’t want them in our video. We can also re arrange the order of the photos as per our requirement.
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    4)    You can also give a name for your video that you will create from the photos, and also a give title for your slideshow.
    5)    You can also include the names of other people present in the pictures along with you.
    6)    You can choose background music from a list of music provided by them.
    7)    You can also choose music of your own choice and use it as the background music in that video.

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    8)    After we are done with all the adjustments related to the video, then there is also provision for previewing the video.
    9)    If after previewing the video, we are not satisfied, and we still want to make some changes, we can do that.
   10)                       After we have created the video, we can share that video on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and even send it to some of our friends or relatives via E-mail.
          We can even embed this video on non-social networking sites such as Blogger, Tumbler, WordPress, Weebly etc.
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  11)                       We can also make it publicly visible if we want to, or we can skip it if we don’t want it.
  12)                       The best part of all is that the video that we have created can even be downloaded. We can thus watch it in future whenever we want.
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Thus, because of the presence of so many features, we must try out this website at least once.
We can make our loved ones very happy by this sweet, short and awesome slideshow.

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