25 September 2012

How to install a blogger XML template in your blogger’s blog??

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Today I am going to explain you about How to change your old classic template in professional looking templates. But first I should discuss you something about the template… What is Template??

Template is a kind of format or Code, which is used for designing your website or blog as you see in some professional portals in which there are some effects present such as slide- show, menus with sub-categories and much more (which is not available in classic template of given blogger.com). So I think after giving a brief description on the template, all you must have some eager to learn how to change your ordinary looking blog into a fabulous dashing looking blog by installing XML template. From below, I am explaining all the steps involved in the installation of templates…
STEP 1:-First open your blogger.com account and go to template option (which is present in your left sidebar)
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STEP 2:- After clicking, there is an option to make a BACKUP/RESTORE of your old template as shown in the image below if something goes wrong with your new template.
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STEP 3:- After opening the BACKUP/RESTORE option, one dialog box appeared on your screen like that as given below. Click on Download Full Template.
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STEP 4:-After this an xml file is automatically downloaded in your desktop/laptop. Save it properly for future use.
STEP 5:- Now download your professional template by searching in Google (I prefer btemplates.com always because of its variations in templates) in your hard drive. At google.com, you can find many useful as per your conditions and necessities.
STEP 6:-Then open the same dialog box of RESTORE/BACKUP option, and upload the new template as given in the image below.
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Congrats! Your new template is installed…

If you have any problems in installing the template, then you can post your queries below…

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19 September 2012

Shortcut keys to be used in Microsoft Word (MS Word)

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Are you tired of clicking your mouse again and again while using Ms Word?? Or are you tired of searching for different functions in MS Word?  Then here’s the solution to reduce the usage of mouse. Following are a few shortcuts that can help you not only save time, but also make the usage of MS Word simple and convenient.

Shortcuts using Ctrl button:-

Ctrl+X                                          : Cut the text
Ctrl+C                                           : Copy the text
Ctrl+V                                          : Paste the text
Ctrl+B                                           : For bolding the text
Ctrl+I                                            :  Italic text
Ctrl+U                                          :  Underlining the text
Ctrl+P                                          :  For printing the page
Ctrl+]                                           :  Increase font size of the text
Ctrl+[                                           : Decrease font size of the text
Ctrl+=                                          : For subscripting the text
Ctrl+1                                          : Single space b/w the lines
Ctrl+5                                          : 1.5 space b/w the lines
Ctrl+2                                          : Double space b/w the lines
Ctrl+Del                                      : Delete one word from the right
Ctrl+Backspace                         : Delete one word from the left
Ctrl+right                                   : jump one word to the right
Ctrl+left                                      : jump one word to the left
Ctrl+End                                     : jump to the end of the document
Ctrl+Home                                 : jump to the beginning of document                                             

Ctrl+H                                         : Replace the word
Ctrl+K                                         : Insert the hyperlink
Ctrl+A                                         : Select all text

Shortcuts using Shift Button:-

Shift+Enter                                : Insert a line break                            
Shift+left                                    : Extend selection one character to the left
Shift+right                                 : Extend selection one character to the right

Shortcuts using Ctrl+Shift  button:-

Ctrl+Shift++                               : For subscripting of the text
Ctrl+Shift+W                             : Underline words but not spaces
Ctrl+Shift+D                              : Double underline
Ctrl+Shift+left                           : Extend selection to the beginning of a word
Ctrl+Shift+Right                        : Extend selection to the end of a word
Ctrl+Shift+A                              : Convert the selected text in capital
Ctrl+Shift+Enter                       : Column Break
Ctrl+Shift+K                              :  Convert the selected text in small

Some other useful shortcuts:-

Alt+Ctrl+S                                 : Splits the documents
F10                                             : Menu Mode
F12                                            : Save as
Alt+Shift+T                              : Time Field

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By using these shortcuts, you can reduce the time taken to finish off your works in MS Word. Hope you find these shortcuts to be effective.

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09 September 2012

There are many things that alert us in our daily lives. But have you ever heard of something giving us regular alerts in our areas of interest. Sounds strange!! Doesn’t it? Must try Google Alerts.

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What are Google Alerts ?

Google Alerts are simply automated e-mails sent to your Gmail account whenever Google indexes web content - such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs - that match your search term, that match your selected keywords or keyword phrases. This is a free tool provided by Google. You can choose to include several keywords to narrow down the search alerts or even put your keywords in “quotes” to even further narrow down the relevancy.
Description: forward
For example, people use Google Alerts to:-
  • Find out what is being said about their company or product.
  • Monitor a developing news story.
  • Keep up to date information about a competitor or industry.
  • Get the latest news on any topic which they have interest in.
How to Set Up A Google Alert?
It takes a minute or less to set up a Google Alert. You just need to follow these basic steps mentioned below :-
2.  Type in the search query you want to monitor.
3.  Choose what type of results you want to follow (everything, news, blogs, video, discussions, or books).
4.  Choose how often you want to receive updates (as-it-happens, once a day, or once a week).
5.  Choose if you want “Only the best results” or “All results.”
6.  Choose the email address you want your alerts sent to, or create a feed.
7.  Click “Create Alert.”

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Advantages of using Google Alerts :

1)   It saves a lot of searching time as we don’t have to go through too many articles for finding updates in our areas of interest. Google Alerts keeps us continuously updated about that topic.
2)   Secondly , we have an option of getting updates about that topic in the time limit that we want (weekly , daily , as it happens ).This is also very helpful for people who don’t like too much of reading(lazy reader’s like me),who prefer to read updates once a week.
3)   Thirdly, there is a provision for filtering the less important articles.  Demands can also be fulfilled depending on whether we want to see only the best results or all results.
4)   Even the laziest of people (like me), who are lazy in searching, get the updates without wanting to search for it. That’s the most beautiful thing about it.

Thus, we see that there are many reasons why we must use Google Alerts. It not only saves the most valuable thing in this world ‘time’, but also reduces the burden of searching. Those who have started using it are updated regularly. Those who haven’t , must start using it from now only because the world is changing fast, so you must be updated enough to be at par with the other people in the world.

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06 September 2012

Have you ever tried running ANDROID applications on your PC? If not, then try using BLUESTACK App player.

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Many of the users, who don’t have an android based mobile phones, think that they might not be able to use modern applications like “Whatsapp” messenger. It is an application that has brought out a new revolution in the field of social networking. It has made connectivity much easier and people can stay connected with friends, relatives 24*7. All that it requires is just an internet connection and Whatsapp installed in your mobiles.

But this is not the reality. People who don’t have android based mobiles can use any android based applications even on their PC’s or laptops. It just needs a software named ‘BLUESTACK’ to be installed in PC. Bluestacks company is a SiliconValley based software company that produces BlueStacks App Player and BlueStacksCloud Connect. Both products help in running Android applications to run on Macintosh computers, Windows PCs and Windows tablets.

App Player is a downloadable piece of Windows software that comes pre-loaded with several apps including Bloomberg News, Words with Friends and Drag Racing, Facebook, twitter, pulse etc. More apps can be downloaded using the "Featured Apps" channel provided with the software. Cloud Connect is an Android App downloadable from the Android Market that allows additional apps to be pushed into BlueStacks App Player from any Android device. The products are now listed as beta software available for free download.

It works just as if an android operating system is installed in our pc, and all the applications will run in the same way as it would run in an android based mobile phone.

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If you have any further queries related to bluestack , you can kindly comment below , and we will clear all your doubts.


A portal which gives you recharge on sending SMS to your friends…(only for Indian users)

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Are you fond of messaging to your loved ones, then try this portal Ultoo, which gives you recharge as well when you send a message to your friend. It offers you an unique program of sending SMS at lightning speed and rewards its users with FREE mobile recharge in return. To recharge your mobile with the earnings of ULTOO, you just need a minimum balance of Rs.10 in your ULTOO’s wallet.
The more features of this portal (which makes it more useful) are:-
1.   You can import your contacts with EXCEL sheet easily.
2.   It guarantees an exceptionally fast delivery of SMS.
3.   It is easy to use.
4.   Users are awarded with bonuses for performing certain activities as given below
a.   For successful Registration Rs 2.
b.   For Email verification Rs 1.
c.    For sending SMS two paisa/SMS.
d.   For inviting friends (through SMS/Email) Rs 1.
5.   It covers all the major telecom operators for your mobile recharge present in India.
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So enjoy it…
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03 September 2012

If you want to buy Organic and Ayurvedic products, then log on to this website…..

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Are you using chemical medicines for your illness and through which you get various side effects like headache, stomach pain, vomiting, allergy, etc. then this portal may help you to find a right Organic andAyurvedic products for your disease. Satvikshop.com , which is a complete portal of more than 20 brands of Organic andAyurvedic products such as Dabar, Besure, Divine, Morrarka, etc. for your illness.

The more features of Satvikshop.com are:-

1.  This portal also gives you information on products like product details, brand name, ingredients, medicinal uses, side-effects, user reviews and dosage requirements.

2.  Users can also search products on the basis of different categories like gender, diseases, common complaints, etc.

3.  This portal also includes a panel of 20 doctors who provide free consultation about your illness or complaints.

4.  There is a call centre facility as well, which provides guidance to the customers on a 24/7 basis.

5.  Free shipping has been provided in this portal as well.

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So throw out all this useless chemical medicines and use Organicand Ayurvedic products only for your illness.


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02 September 2012

Add your Blogger’s blog on Bing search by META tag….

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If you have already add your blog on Google Search, then it’s time to add your blog in Bing, which is not a simple task for a new blogger because in the Bing Webmaster Tool, you should have done a verification to add your blog on Bing and for the verification of your blog, you must add an XMLfile or a Meta tag in your blog.
At present, I know “how to add a Meta tag” only and I am working on “how to add an XMLfile” on your blog.
So let’s start….
First, you have to sign up in Hotmail (without Hotmail account you can’t register your blog in Bing), after signing up you just want to follow this easy step.
1.   Go to Bing Webmaster Tool link as given.
2.   Then click on “Sign in” button present on the webpage.
3.   After this add your blog (URL, sitemap) and submit it.
4.   At last, you want to verify by choosing XML file or Meta tag, choose Meta tag.
5.   Then go to your blogger account and change the platform in old Blogger interface, where you have to go to Design option.
6.   Then a new webpage will opened where at above of the webpage three options are given, choose EDIT HTML.
7.   You can see a page as given below…
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8.   You want to paste your Meta tag below the <head> of your website as shown.
Image 03
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9.   Then save this template and go to BingWebmaster Tool and press verify option.
10.      Congrats! Your blog has been added on Bing.

You can use this method to add your blog in Alexa and Google search also.
If you have any query about this post, you can ask it by commenting in this post…