19 October 2012

A different Avatar of Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to be launched soon!!!!!

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The Electronics giant Samsung is all set to yet again create its impact in the market of touchscreen mobiles.

The record breaking Samsung Galaxy S3 is coming back soon, but this time in its smaller Avatar – Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini’’.  As the name suggests, we can call it the younger brother of Galaxy S3. However, the word “Mini’’ attached to its name would not affect its features.

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The expected date for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is first week of November. Even before its launch, it has created a great degree of enthusiasm in the market. The most exciting thing to watch out for is whether it would be able to compete with the other touchscreen mobiles .

Some of the features of  Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini are comparable to that of Samsung Galaxy S3,while some others are not so good in comparison to it.

The main features of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini can be summarised as follows:-

1)      One of the areas where Samsung Galaxy S3Mini can outcast Samsung Galaxy S3 is in terms of the Price range. Its price will obviously be much less than Galaxy S3, so it has got a higher chances of picking up even a greater demand in very less time.

2)      The RAM size of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will be 1GB, which I believe might still be better than the RAM in any other phones in its price range.

3)      Another area, where it takes an edge on its ancestor is in the Operating System installed in them. While Mini will have latest Android OS 4.1(Jelly Bean), its ancestor had Sandwich OS.

4)      Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will have an internal memory of 8/16 GB, and will be extendable up to 32GB.

5)      Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini supports 2G, 3G only. Unlike Galaxy S3, it doesn’t support 4G network. NFC technology and Wi-Fi will also be supported by it..

6)      It will have a 5MP auto Focus Camera with LED Flash, 720p video recording and VGA secondary camera.

7)      Its weight will be just 111grams. So, it will be easily portable anywhere. Hence, it might be preferred by those who don’t like large touchscreen mobiles.

8)      Its screen-size thou will be just 4-inches, but will have a screen resolution of 800 x 400 pixels.

9)       It will have 1GHz Dual-core processor.

10)   Its audio jack size will be 3.5mm ( same as the audio jack size in most other phones) .

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