23 October 2012

Import Your Google Doc Files into WordPress in just 4 Easy Steps

8:21 PM By Deepak Sharma , , ,

If you want to transfer your bulky Google doc files on WordPress, then Docs to WordPress is most suitable  plugin for you. This  plugin  helps  you  to work  in  Google  docs  and  then send  those  files  to WordPress  through  an automated  script  when  you  are  done.There  is  an  option  to  set   the  frequency   of  imports   and  move   the  files in Google docs  so  that  it  isn't  recopied  to  WordPress multiple  number  of  times.

For whom is this plugin suitable ??
 If  you  use  WordPress  very  rarely  or  once  in  every blue noon which can only be seen in month of May then this plugin is not suitable for you. People who needs  Google docs very frequently and need  uniform data formatting into WordPress or want the writers for your blog far from your splasher then it will spare you  headaches, hustle and time.

How this Plugin works??
Don’t worry friends this plugin is not a complex one like others you have seen on WordPress it is a bit different one and more powerful. Unlike other WordPress plugins,Doc to WordPress is a  crone  job. It simply means this script will repeat after a set of intervals and performs a  class full  task every time it is set to run.

This script tells how often you want to import Google docs into WordPress and how it can take care of the rest.
There are 4 basic steps involved for using this plugin…

Step 1 àInstallation

·         Users have to use two plugins to make this work and for you can search for Docs to WordPress.
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After you are done with this step i.e after installation and activation you have the core plugin in your hands.
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Understanding the Plugin!
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The real magic happens here in the plugin editor.Select the docs-to-WordPress/extend-cron.php file to modify.
Read this very carefully as most of the important stuff  is performed here.

Step 2 à Insert Your Google Username and Password

This is my second important concern with this Plugin.If you are not having a new dedicated Gmail account for WordPress your username and password goes in an insecure location.

Solution is that you must create a new Gmail account to make yours credentials safe and sound.

You can also prevent this risk by taking necessary actions with your WordPress security and by keeping your password strong and frequently changing it.
After all that steps here is how you have to insert your username and password.
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·         DOCSTOWP_USER,DOCSTOWP_PASS is your Google username and password.
·         You need to either modify your wp-config.php if you got one or create it if you do not really have one. If you do not have wp-config.php then looks for file called wp-config-sample.php.
·         If you still do not know what you’re doing then ask someone who does.This wp-config.php file is a key to your WordPress you configure it wrong then you are compromising your WordPress security so be careful.

Step 3 -> Configure the Origin and Destination of your Google Doc files

Once again you’re gonna use wp-config.php you will need to define which folder in Google docs your files are present for upload and you must define where you want to store them after the script is done.
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img 565
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In order to configure the original and destination folders for Google docs,you will need to know the id numbers of the folders.In Google go to each of the folders and just take the number from the URL bar following #folders/folder.0.!

This is your folders ID.You just have to define these numbers in your wp-config.php file .When you are done with all the configurations in wp-config.php then the file should have the section that looks a little familiar  the below mentioned lines:

define( ‘DOCSTOWP_USER’, ‘myname@gmail.com’ );
define( ‘DOCSTOWP_PASS’, ‘mypassword’ );
define( ‘DOCSTOWP_ORIGIN’, ’458974512′ );
define( ‘DOCSTOWP_DESTINATION’, ’19276349′ );

Once you are done with all the manipulations all you need to do make this plugin work is set the default time to run the cron script to your liking.The default time is 1 minute,which is generally sufficient for most of users.It is clearly marked in the configuration file in your Wordpress plugins.