02 October 2012

Do you want to save all your favourite websites in one website?? Then use " Instapaper "

12:24 AM By Gaurav Sharma ,

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What is Instapaper??
Instapaper is a completely free and simple portal in which you can save all your important websites as a bookmark, so that you can read your preferred website’s article later.

What is the use of Instapaper??
I know that we find web contents throughout the day, but sometimes, we don’t have time to read long articles when we find them. So instapaper gives us a freedom easily to save all your links in one portal, so after that you can read your article later.

How can we use Instapaper??
For the utilization of this web application, you just have to create an account by giving your email id only.

What are the Special features about Instapaper, which makes it different from others??
Below, I discuss some important features about this web application:-
·         It is compatible to all the browsers (which is generally used) of PC, android, IOS, etc.
·         You can drag the bookmarklet “READ LATER” to your bookmark toolbar, so that you can add your article instantly.
·         It gives you an option to download your whole articles, so that you can read them on Kindle, ePub and make a printable copy as well.
·         This web application also supports to create a folder, so that you can arrange all your data in a decent way.
·         You can also delete unwanted material by archiving it.
·         You can share your article on Facebook, twitter by making a link with your account.
·         Most important : Your articles (which is added by you) are ad free, thus the app responds much faster than websites.

I think this is more than enough about the Instapaper. {Click here to access instapaper …}

If you have any queries related to this web application, you may ask me by posting below…

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