30 October 2012

How to install windows 8 with windows 7?

Everyday our life style is changing and so we want something stylish and new in our lives. Even our laptop/PC’s are not an exception to this, and even though it is updated, we are ready to update it further with new Software and tools to enhance its features.

So, why not now we update our old and boring OS with the very stylish and awesome new OS Metrostyle Windows 8?

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 How to install windows 8 with windows 7?

1)    Making  partitions:-In your computer there should be an empty partition having enough space (min of 40GB).If You don’t have separate empty partition so you can make it following steps:-

·       To create a partition, go to the Start Menu, right click on “computer”, and select “Manage”. A window will open called the Computer Management window.

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·       Select hard drive to make up into partitions (make sure that the selected drive can be partitioned or not). Click on Disk Management under the Storage category in the sidebar menu.

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·       Right click on the hard drive you’d like to partition and select Shrink Volume.

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·       Choose the amount of space to shrink for your new partition and click Shrink. (Recommend 40GB of space in the new partition as mentioned above.
·       You will see the new partition you created.

2)     Make bootable removable disk: - This can be made by any software and win 8 iso file. Make sure that you are having correct version of iso file with respect to your machine (X86 etc.)

3)     Don’t forget to get Product key and make note of it.

4)     Starting Installation:-

·       Start the installation

·       Restart your PC and Insert the bootable removable disk in any of USB port of PC.

·       While the PC is booting up, you will have to press a key to force the PC to boot from the disc before Windows loads. (Keys to be press HP [F9], Lenovo [F12], Dell [F12], Acer [F12], ASUS [Esc] and Sony [F10]).

·       You will get an unusual screen where bootable options will be listed under “Boot Menu”.

·       Select Removable Drive (or USB)

·       Windows 8 installation process will begin

·       Select your language preferences, and press “next”.

·       Press Install Now.

·       Enter the product key and click “next”.

·       Check the “I accept” box, and press “next” (You can read the License, Terms and conditions).

·       Select the Custom Install option (be careful choose custom because you are installing it side by side win7 so don’t select upgrade it will upgrade your win7 by win8 )

·       Select the drive and partition where you want to install Windows 8 which we created earlier (be careful. Do not choose the partition where win7 is installed.

·       Everything will be copied and installed. It will take some time.

·       After installation you will get windows8 .Customize it according to it.

·       The PC is finalizing your settings. Congratulations! You’ve installed Windows 8.

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 Author- Pankaj Gaikwad