25 October 2012

Google Fiber - new high-speed Internet connections facility started by Tech giant Google!!!

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The tech giant Google has touched almost every field available today in the computer technology. It has created oodles of applications, which are being used by millions of people globally every day.

Now, it has added a new feather in its wing by starting providing internet services across the globe. The name of this new service started by Google is known as “GoogleFiber”.

GoogleFiber has a starting speed around 100 times faster than any of the broadband connections existing in the world today.

GoogleFiber  doesn’t use cable and yet it's the highest speed Internet. Thus, it is no doubt among the best technologies being used in the world today.

GoogleFiber basically provides 3 different types of plans. All these plans have different tariffs:-

1)    The 1st type of plan is a Free broadband connection, in which Google just charges you the basic fees of 300$, required for setting up the internet connections.
It will provide a speed of 5 Mbps / 1 Mbps, but in this plan no TV access or storage facility of data will be provided.

2)    In the 2nd plan (known as Gigabit Internet), users need to pay 70$ per month and they will be granted prominent speed (1 Gbps / 1 Gbps ) connection.
The users using this plan would not be provided with TV access facility, but they will have the provision for data storage of 1TB in Google Drive.

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3)    In the last plan (known as Gigabit + TV), users need to pay 120$ per month and they will be granted prominent speed (1 Gbps / 1 Gbps) connection.
The users using this plan will be provided with TV access facility.
They will also have the provision for data storage of 2TB DVR storage (approx. 500 hours of storage) and 1TB in Google Drive.

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So, we see that in such an affordable price, it’s a different kind of Internet service.

The main Features of this new service GoogleFiber can be summarized as follows:-

1)    Superfast connectivity: - As already stated above that two of the plans provide speeds up to 1Gbps, it is like a miracle for the users.
Users no longer have to wait for the videos to get buffered, or their photos to get uploaded, or while playing online games. It just happens with the blink of an eye.

2)    Assurance of Data safety: - As Google is providing the users with 1TB of storage in the Google Drive, no matter what happens to their PC’s or laptops, their data will always be safe and secured in the Google Drive
      Google Drive is one accessory in Google Fiber, which no other Internet service provider has started providing till now.
Thus, Google Fiber has enhanced chances of gaining more popularity among the customers in the coming time.
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3)    High Definition and crystal clear videos: - The bandwidth of GoogleFiber is staggeringly high, and so it ensures both clarity and speed. 
Google’s aim is to provide utmost satisfaction to its customers, and thus has ensured that even at a frugal price, the services are splendid.

4)    The TV options provided by GoogleFiber include a Nexus 7 tablet, which acts as a remote control for the system.
In addition, the TV service will also stream live program contents on IPad and Android tablet computers.
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5)    This is the biggest advantage of GoogleFiber. Contents of all varieties are stored at just one place.
We can watch a huge number of channels on Google TV and movies, TV shows of our choice can also be seen.
It thus provides the users with an opportunity to also know what other people are viewing currently, and which programs are being most viewed etc. So, it is like a storehouse of live information.

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Thus, the GoogleFiber is a major step in the field of Internet Revolution.

We hope that GoogleFiber, because of its amazing features will leave a tremendous impingement in the minds of the consumers.

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