27 March 2013

Run out of Creative Blog Post Ideas or topics? Here’s a Few to Jump Start Your Imagination

2:44 AM By Gaurav Sharma

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We've all been there – the dreaded plane of the subconscious known as “writer's block”. Even if you're not experiencing it right now, chances are if you can't think of any creative blog post ideas or topics, then you're coming pretty close to knocking on the Block's door!

Here are five simple ideas that should get you thinking about what you can focus your next blog post on – use them in whatever way you want. Hopefully they will inspire you to create your own topic list of creative blog post or topics that you can refer to whenever you get stuck!

Beginner's Guides for creation of Creative Blog Post Ideas or Topics:

As long as you're no longer a toddler, chances are you've begun to excel at something. Whether it's whistling, reading, spelling, or thermodynamics, someone out there is a beginner at something... and is looking for advice from someone like you. If you've progressed beyond the beginner's level, you have knowledge to share – help those who are just starting out with a blog post about it! If you're really nice, you can offer to answer additional questions in the comments section.


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Lists are everywhere on the internet – Top 10's, 100 Things, even lists with random numbers are becoming popular. Even this article is a list! Why so many lists? They're popular for a reason – easy to read, easy to digest, and easy to remember at a moment's notice. The best part? They're easy to write!

Things You May Not Know About

These sorts of blog posts are a blast to write, and readers gobble them up. We love knowing what few people know, and as humans we're built to enjoy learning new things... especially when they're about topics we like. If you can't think of anything to write about, write a few things that people might not know about yourself. After all, who knows you better than you?

The Pro's and Con's

The Pro's and Con's are another popular type of blog post, and again they are written frequently because people enjoy them. Not only do they enjoy reading them, but they enjoy debating them as well – these lists can be a great way to get people invested in the content of your blog. When people are invested in something, they'll come back again and again.


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This may be one of the easiest blog posts to write, as it functions off the basis of an already flaming passion. Anger prompts communication – we humans like to complain, and it's actually a basic form of relations between people. If two people both dislike something, their bond becomes stronger. Strengthen your bond with your readers by letting them know what's irking you today!

While this is just a starting list, hopefully this has gotten the cogs in your head grinding. Remember – as long as you're writing something, and putting your best effort in, readers will be interested in the content. Be smart, be truthful, and be entertaining. Best of luck in your blogging adventures!

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