30 October 2012

Learn to distinguish between a fake and an original Email id

Very often, in the comments listed on our blog or websites, we can find many comments having negative feedback/remarks for our blog or website.

But, what’s interesting thing to know is that most of these comments are SPAM comments, i.e. they come from some unknown and fake email id. These are done by some anonymous people intended to cast a negative impression of our blog/website into other people’s mind.

So, how can we distinguish between a fake and a real email id?

It’s very simple. You don’t have to take any pain for it. Just visit the website my-addr 

image 98900809
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It is a website that checks for the existence of Emails from services like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.

This website returns an unfeigned result in most of the cases, but it doesn’t return a result for Email services which do not allow reverse Email lookup.

After you open the website, click on “Verify Email for exist” located on the left side of the webpage. Next, enter the Email id whose existence you want to check. Then click on Go.

image 39399
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The image shown below shows the existence of a true Email id.

image 23418
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However, if the email id doesn’t exist, it will show that the mail id is invalid(as shown in image below)
image 2321321
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You can also use this website for many other purposes such as tracing email sender’s location, our IP information etc.

Explore this website more and make the best use of this useful website.

There are many other methods for email verification, but I have discussed only the best and the most widely used method.

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Top 5 browsers for your android mobile which can boost up your internet experience.

As it seen nowadays people are becoming androphillic(android lover). Now every 1 out of 3 people having smartphones is of Android. Now smartphones are not merely for doing a phone call or receiving message its much more than that.

So what do you use to access the internet on them. Is it the default browser.If you also use the default browsers, then it's also OK. But don’t you want to enhance your experience.

If your answer is yes. Then this post is right for you on which i have tested many browsers according to their performance and speed.

1. Dolphin Browser

It is one of the best and fastest browsers available for the Android. Almost 10000K times it is downloaded from Google play store.


  • Default and custom gestures to open up stuffs like Gmail.
  • It has lots of add-on's available for it..
  • The Sonar feature which enables you to search, bookmark, or share content, and even navigation using your voice.
  • Tabbed browsing is one of the must features available.

Current Available Version: 9.0.1

You can Install it from Here

Average site load speed: 8.36 seconds

2. Google Chrome

image 232432323
 image 34543543image 243234234

Chrome is no doubt the most used browser for PC’s as of now.\


  • Here are some of its features:
  • Incognito Mode browsing
  • Chrome Sync
  • Bookmark Sync
  • Tab syncing
  • Its fast
  • Clean and Minimalistic appearance

Current Available Version: Varies with the device

You can Install it from Here

Average site load speed: 6.9 seconds

3. Firefox

I think everybody knows Firefox for desktop and knows its performance.
But it will give you the same experience as it gives in your Desktop.

image 2324324
 image 34234234image 234234345

  • It has available add-on's and Personas.
  • Firefox Sync
  • First Browser having Do Not Track
  • It almost features have all features of Desktop Version
  • Tabbed browsing, the must feature.

Current Available Version: 16.0.2

You can Install it from Here

Average site load speed: 10.1 seconds

4. Opera

If you're a fan of Opera on the desktop, than Opera Mobile will be best for you for your mobile.

image 23454656     image 435345345   image 23423424

  • Speed Dials feature.
  • Sync Bookmarks and Speed dials
  • Best for slower and Limited Data Plans
  • Fast web surfing.
  • Tabbed browsing, the must feature.

Current Available Version:Varies with Device

You can Install it from Here

Average site load speed: 8.13 seconds

5. Skyfire

If you are very much addicted to the social networking site than this Browser is definitely for you.

image 234234234
 image 4546456345image 345435345

  • Facebook Quick View & Like button
  • Fireplace Feed Reader
  • Twitter Integration
  • Fast web surfing.
  • Skyfire One Touch Search
  • Tabbed browsing, the must feature.
  • Sports,News & Finance Buttons
  • Flash Video
  • User Agent Switching

Current Available Version:4.1.0

You can Install it from Here

Average site load speed: 7.60 seconds

Conclusion: According to me the Best browser is Dolphin Browser which also comes in HD version for greater user experience. I have rate the Dolphin browser according to its features, speed, performance,memory usage, battery usage,features. I hope it will be easy for you to choose the correct Browser.

How to install windows 8 with windows 7?

Everyday our life style is changing and so we want something stylish and new in our lives. Even our laptop/PC’s are not an exception to this, and even though it is updated, we are ready to update it further with new Software and tools to enhance its features.

So, why not now we update our old and boring OS with the very stylish and awesome new OS Metrostyle Windows 8?

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 How to install windows 8 with windows 7?

1)    Making  partitions:-In your computer there should be an empty partition having enough space (min of 40GB).If You don’t have separate empty partition so you can make it following steps:-

·       To create a partition, go to the Start Menu, right click on “computer”, and select “Manage”. A window will open called the Computer Management window.

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·       Select hard drive to make up into partitions (make sure that the selected drive can be partitioned or not). Click on Disk Management under the Storage category in the sidebar menu.

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·       Right click on the hard drive you’d like to partition and select Shrink Volume.

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·       Choose the amount of space to shrink for your new partition and click Shrink. (Recommend 40GB of space in the new partition as mentioned above.
·       You will see the new partition you created.

2)     Make bootable removable disk: - This can be made by any software and win 8 iso file. Make sure that you are having correct version of iso file with respect to your machine (X86 etc.)

3)     Don’t forget to get Product key and make note of it.

4)     Starting Installation:-

·       Start the installation

·       Restart your PC and Insert the bootable removable disk in any of USB port of PC.

·       While the PC is booting up, you will have to press a key to force the PC to boot from the disc before Windows loads. (Keys to be press HP [F9], Lenovo [F12], Dell [F12], Acer [F12], ASUS [Esc] and Sony [F10]).

·       You will get an unusual screen where bootable options will be listed under “Boot Menu”.

·       Select Removable Drive (or USB)

·       Windows 8 installation process will begin

·       Select your language preferences, and press “next”.

·       Press Install Now.

·       Enter the product key and click “next”.

·       Check the “I accept” box, and press “next” (You can read the License, Terms and conditions).

·       Select the Custom Install option (be careful choose custom because you are installing it side by side win7 so don’t select upgrade it will upgrade your win7 by win8 )

·       Select the drive and partition where you want to install Windows 8 which we created earlier (be careful. Do not choose the partition where win7 is installed.

·       Everything will be copied and installed. It will take some time.

·       After installation you will get windows8 .Customize it according to it.

·       The PC is finalizing your settings. Congratulations! You’ve installed Windows 8.

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 Author- Pankaj Gaikwad

28 October 2012

Make your trips more memorable!!!

Image 213232

Refresh all your memories that you have cherished so far in your heart, by giving them an opportunity to re-live them.

Convert the collection of your photo clicks into an awesome video, and give your loved ones an incredible gift in the form of a video of those memories.

Rejuvenate these memories and make your trips lively again.

To convert your videos into memorable slideshows effortlessly, visit the website   Tripadvisor.
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The following are the main features of the website Tripadvisor:-

    1)    The main purpose of creation of any video is to depict the kind of theme it represents. For this reason, this website allows you to choose a variety of themes.
Depending on the type of trip that you undertook, the themes can be chosen accordingly (e.g. – Romantic , Family tour, Excursion, holiday etc.). Themes are available for all kinds of trips.
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    2)    The best part of it is that it allows you to choose your photos from a variety of sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and even from your own system.
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    3)    From the list of selected photos, we can also delete some photos if we don’t want them in our video. We can also re arrange the order of the photos as per our requirement.
Click to Enlarge
    4)    You can also give a name for your video that you will create from the photos, and also a give title for your slideshow.
    5)    You can also include the names of other people present in the pictures along with you.
    6)    You can choose background music from a list of music provided by them.
    7)    You can also choose music of your own choice and use it as the background music in that video.

Click to Enlarge

    8)    After we are done with all the adjustments related to the video, then there is also provision for previewing the video.
    9)    If after previewing the video, we are not satisfied, and we still want to make some changes, we can do that.
   10)                       After we have created the video, we can share that video on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and even send it to some of our friends or relatives via E-mail.
          We can even embed this video on non-social networking sites such as Blogger, Tumbler, WordPress, Weebly etc.
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  11)                       We can also make it publicly visible if we want to, or we can skip it if we don’t want it.
  12)                       The best part of all is that the video that we have created can even be downloaded. We can thus watch it in future whenever we want.
Click to Enlarge
Thus, because of the presence of so many features, we must try out this website at least once.
We can make our loved ones very happy by this sweet, short and awesome slideshow.

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Write Post for us as a Guest Author



“ComFuge – A world of Geeks” in a jiffy has become one of the most popular and liked blogs among the audience worldwide. It deals with topics such as latest technological developments, best features of various gadgets launched, how to do things geekily etc.

Thus, its main aim is not only to let the people know even about even trivial yet important things, but also keep the bloggers and other technical persons know many geeky stuffs.

With a loyal following, we are growing up day by day and publishing quality contents, which are helpful for the general public as well as the techno Geeks.

The posts that we have published so far cover a variety of subjects. In future, I want to add even more to ComFuge and also publish Guest submissions.

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Anything that’s interesting and useful for our readers is a good content for a guest post here. It can be related to:

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  • Social Media tips and Marketing on any platform like Facebook, twitter, etc.


* Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet.
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Thanks again for your interest and I look forward to hear from you in coming time.

- Co-Founder Of ComFuge -A World of Geeks
- Co-Founder Of ComFuge -A World of Geeks
– Co-Founder Of ComFuge. -A World of Geeks


27 October 2012

What is CPM, CPI, PPC, CPA, CTR and EPCM in Google AdSense and other alternative of AdSense??

Images 213213

Today’s post is for those people who own a Blog/Website and a Google AdSense account as well.

I know that all you (publishers) who have an account on Google AdSense open it daily to just check “How much you earned today". Every time when you open your account, you see some unknown terms or words in your account like CPM, CPI, etc. and every time you see these terms, you ignore it because no one cares about it.

So, that is why, the above situation compels me to write something about these words used by Google AdSense. I am explaining these terms to you briefly and telling you about the meaning and algorithm/logic behind this words, which are extremely important to know because these words are used to generate your income as well.

So let’s begin understanding these terms.

First I should give you some description about these words.
CPM – Cost Per Thousand
CPI – Cost Per Impression
PPC – Pay per Click
CPA – Cost Per Action
CTR – Click through Rate
CPC – Cost Per Click
ECPM – Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions
 1 Impression = 1 Page View
Thousand = 1000 Impressions

Now, I am going to describe you about the above term's algorithm briefly…  

Images 2332423

CTR (Click through Rate) is a great way to find the success of any online advertising campaign. This CTR can be obtained by dividing the number of visitors who clicked on an ad, which is present on your website/blog by the number of times the ad was appeared on your website.

CTR (%) = (no of Clicks/ no of impressions)* 100

For example, if an ad appeared 100 times on your site and one visitor clicked on an ad, then the CTR (%) = (1/100)* 100 = 1%

image 2324234234

It is a great way of measuring performance of your different ad units, so this can be helpful in comparing their performance of your ads.

eCPM is calculated by dividing Total Revenue earned by the total number of impressions in thousands.

eCPM = (Total Revenue/Impressions)* 1000

For example, eCPM for 400 page impressions and $ 2.00 total revenue earned is equal to
eCPM = ($2.00/400)* 1000
           = $ 5.00

Image 23232

CPM is calculated by dividing Impressions by thousand, and then multiplies with the CPM rate (which is decided by ad serving companies).

CPM = (Impressions/1000)
Total Price = CPM * CPM rate ($)

For example, one million impressions at $10 equal a $ 10,000 total price.
1,000,000/1,000 = 1,000 units
1,000 units * $ 10 CPM =$ 10,000 total price

I think, this is more than enough for you about the explanation of these terms which are used in Google AdSense.

However, if you have any further queries related to this post, then you can comment below…




Create effortlessly an E-book of the posts from your Blog!!!

image 213123213

Many a times, it happens that we feel like seeing our Blog articles, but we don’t have Internet connection available at that time. What can we do not to put ourselves in such situations?

It may also happen that we wish to see all our articles at one place and we may also want to read the articles of our blog offline.

Here’s the simplest way for doing all these things. Depending upon our requirements, we can convert all/some of our blog articles into an E-book, with our name in it.
We can cherish that E-book lifetime, and it will be like an asset as well as a memory for us lifetime.

Follow these simple steps to convert your blog articles into an amazing E-book in no time:  -
1)    We can easily convert our blog articles into a valuable book.
This can be easily done by visiting the website blog2book.
2)    As soon as the website opens, an option called “Start now” will appear. Click it to proceed to the next step.
image 234234
click to enlarge

3)    Next, you will be asked to enter a blog address, i.e. the Blog from which you have will import the articles to get it converted into an E-book format.
It will also ask you to enter the platform on which your blog is based (e.g.  BlogSpot or WordPress).
4)    You will also be asked to fill the no of posts column, in which you can choose 10, 25, 50 or 100 articles in your blog. You can also select your posts by specifying the date range.

5)    After finishing all these, click on “Get the posts” to move to the next step.
image 232
click to enlarge

6)    Thus, all the selected posts will be fetched based on the specified dates or the number of posts.
7)    We can also remove some of the selected if we don’t want them. Once we are done with the selection of posts, Click on Continue.
8)    Next, it will also ask us to select a title, subtitle and Author name for the E-book.
image 324234
click to enlarge

9)    We can also choose a cover for our E-book. We can also add a preface  and dedication page for our E-book.
image 23424234
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image 12312312
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10)           After completing all these steps, click on “Create my book” .
11)           The E-book containing our posts will be created in a very short time.
12)           We can not only view that E-book online, but we can also download it, so that we can use it later.
image 21323213
click to enlarge

Thus, your awesome E-book is created in a very less time. You can read it offline whenever you want it, and also show it to your friends and family.

If you have any queries related to this post, you may comment below…