20 October 2012

Blur – A new and power-packed alternative for NFS!!!

1:47 AM By Pallav Jain , ,

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Beginning with the name, this game launched just a few days back, has literally blurred the vision of the racing game makers by creating “THE BLUR”. This has been rated as one of the best car racing games ever.

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THE BLUR” has mesmerized the minds of the youngsters and fascinated the Gaming freaks with a Car racing game filled with lots of power-packed action and other funky stuffs.

Technically speaking, this game is at par with Need For Speed (NFS) in terms of the graphics and user compatibility. Users have even claimed this game to be much better than NFS. Thus, for the gamers it has become a pertinent alternative for the NFS.

The Blur game has two parts, the career mode for individual gaming and superb and easy going online play, which attracts tons of gamers to share the unlimited fun.

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The additional feature of this game that makes it different and exciting from other games is its added action features. A car is provided with lots of powers, which attracts the gamers to it.

A gamer can pick different types of attacking and even defensive power ups placed at different stages of the route. These include shunt, barge, mines, nitro, repair, bolt, shield, invisible and thunder. With such an extensive range of added tools, it automatically implies much more fun for the gaming freaks.

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Being explicit, the functionalities of these power ups are as follows:

Shunt : Releases a car follower missile in both front and back directions. You can target a car and it will    hit that car only.
Barge : Releases a kind off repulsive field and damages and diverges nearby vehicles
Mines : Releases a mine, possible in both directions. It hits the car that comes in its way.
Nitro : As the name suggests, it extends the speed of the car for a time of 4 seconds.
Repair : Repairs your damaged car.
Bolt : It hits three shots, both forward and backward.
Shield : Gives a protective cover from any sorts of damage for a while.
Thunder :  Blasts thunder strokes and the vehicles ahead of you.
Invisible : You can make your car invisible for sometime.
Protective shield--- Protects the car from all incoming attacks.

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Racing with all these action features is an amazing experience, and takes all the highly enthusiastic gamers to an entirely different world.

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The Career Mode in this game includes four fields which are race, destruction, check point and one-on-one.

With collection of certain points a new opponent is unlocked. Each stage the toughness grows and the excitement too. A totally new feature of fan support has also been introduced. It shows the attraction of the virtual audience towards the user’s performance. As you grow your fan following, new cars are unlocked with a variety ranging from Ford, Nissan to Volkswagen and Audi!!!

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The gamers can now spend hours now in front of their PC’s or laptops, playing this thrilling game and get completely doomed in the world of cars.

So, every second you wait to experience this new arena of gaming, you are really missing something amazing!!!

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