26 July 2014

How much does a taxi costs from Montego Bay to Negril?

 There are two types of taxi services in Jamaica

1 Route taxi

2 Tourist taxi

1 à Route taxi:

License plate is red with white letters and digits. One letter is 'P'. For example 'PA1234'. Goes to the spots listed on the side of the taxi. usually that will be a pair of towns, the name of a road. Stops en-route often to pick up and drop off individuals. Need to change of taxi to reach your address, reckons on where you start, where you want to go and the path of the taxi. The fare is set by law but you should sustain the price before you enter the taxi. The tariff is per person, one way. The currency of the fare is normally in Jamaican dollars. The cost from Montego Bay to Negril is $ 80

2 à Tourist taxi:

License plate is red with white character and figures. One letter is 'P'. For example ‘PA1234’. Goes to wherever you specify. Stops only if you ask the driver to stop. It is an individual service only and your party will travel
Here we need to negotiate the fare before we enter the taxi. The fare actually depends upon the person who is journeying  , if he wants a one way  trip the fare would be different and if it is a round trip  the fare will be different because some waiting may also include , the fare for one way trip  is  $ 110 and if it is round trip then  may  range up to
$ 110 - $ 180

27 March 2013

Run out of Creative Blog Post Ideas or topics? Here’s a Few to Jump Start Your Imagination

Creative Blog Post Ideas or topics image
We've all been there – the dreaded plane of the subconscious known as “writer's block”. Even if you're not experiencing it right now, chances are if you can't think of any creative blog post ideas or topics, then you're coming pretty close to knocking on the Block's door!

24 March 2013

Ten Best Quick White Hat SEO methods which will bring you New Flavor of SEO In 2013…

Best Quick White Hat SEO Methods Image
To stay in the top searches of a search query in a search engine, an optimized and advanced version of SEO is essential for any individual or organization having a website. Therefore, an efficient SEO plays an important role in developing marketing strategies for any website.

Not finding your website’s name in the top list of Google search? Wondering what’s wrong with your old SEO methods? Here is a list of ten best quick white hat SEO methods, which can bring your website’s name back to the top results of a search query.


Title tag is one of the most important things in best quick white hat SEO methods which are associated with the search process. It plays a very significant part in indexing websites. It’s one of the first things that are looked upon by a search engine for any query. Therefore, it is quite important to include a few keywords in the title of the website.


For a website, two important Meta tags are ‘description’ and ‘keyword’. The ‘description’ tag should be relevant and should give the user a fair idea about the website. While making the list of all the keywords, a few specific terms should be put in.


Manual SEO Image
It’s an important point to be considered while designing a website as it will help the users, search engines and the websites find the main key points in your copy. Various heading tags provide priority to contents and help in indexing the website properly.


A small yet relevant Alt attribute on the images will add significant data to the source code and it will help the search engines indexing the site search more efficiently. Including extra relevant data in your website will give it a better chance in terms of greater search engine rankings.


Title attributes on links are very helpful for various links added in a site, especially image links. It is always useful to use descriptive attributes, as they are more user-friendly.


It is a list that contains all the contents of the website. It helps search engines in indexing the site properly and to link the content of the site with other sites.


The content of the website should match the keywords in the Meta tags. It should not only include maximum number of keywords but also it should be relevant and make sense to the user.


Easy Link Building Image
One of the important factors of best quick white SEO methods which determines the rank of a website in a Google search result is the number of links directing to the website. One can use a blog to generate such links or try other websites for the same purpose.


Although not SEO technically, social media is a very important factor to publish and promote a website. With proper utilization, it can be spread virally which will result in more people using the website.

FLASH and SLASH (SEO Don’ts)

Animating any content embedded into a flash website is literally invisible for search engines. Similarly, splash pages become annoying and time consuming for users with time. As far as SEO is concerned, both Flash and Splash are not helpful at all.

This is the guest post has written by Ryan Holdings, a SEO consultant at Assisted Reputation on the topic of “Ten Best Quick White Hat SEO methods which will bring you New Flavor of SEO In 2013…”.

If you have a desire to write a guest post for us, click on this link: Guest –post Guidelines for ComFuge-AWorld of Geeks.

About the author

This post is authored by Ryan Holdings, a SEO consultant at assistedreputation.com {SEO has done by -Admin of ComFuge-A World of Geeks}He likes to write about the various advancements in the field of SEO.
AR logo -Author

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21 March 2013

Get rid from YouTube bot for Views and try to use Addmefast...

Increase traffic in YouTube
Before the beginning of this post, I have to ask some questions about this article.. 

To know that-is this article for you or not?


  • Are you having a YouTube channel?
  • Are you willing to increase your views on any YouTube video uploaded by you or your friend?
  • Are you using YouTube bot for views?
  • Are you getting a problem of outranking of your videos from YouTube and Google’s top pages and also with this situation that you are getting good views through YouTube bot on those videos?
  • Have you desired to increase your YouTube revenue?

If you are getting any “YES” for the above questions, then this article for you SIR…

As a normal publisher, every buddy wants a decent organic traffic for his videos from YouTube and Google.

So, due to this, many of those publishers like me are starting to use these costly and expensive YouTube bots for views on YouTube.

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Yes, it is true that if you got good impressions on your YouTube video, your YouTube video is slowly moving up on YouTube pages due to its virility and slowly you get organic traffic for your YouTube channel.
YouTube Search logo

But in case of YouTube bot, the rule of ranking a video is fully opposite because Google can easily find that what type of gadgets you are using to increase the virtual views.

The long use of this bot becomes the main reason of getting your videos out ranked from the main pages of YouTube and Google which help you to get an organic traffic for income.

What is the Remedy?

The remedy of this situation is ADDMEFAST.

First question arises in your mind is, I know:


Addmefast logo
Actually, addmefast is the one of the best tools to increase your social presence in many social networking sites. Through addmefast you can get tons of twitter followers, Face book post or page likes, YouTube video likes and much more very easily and in an effective way.

How can it help us to increase your YouTube videos view?

The procedure of getting YouTube views through addmefast is very simple.
In this system, you have to earn points to increase the Youtube views.

And to earn points, you have to view videos of other subscribers on this service or like it.

When you have viewed and liked any videos of any subscribers, then some points are added in your account.

For example- If a subscriber issues 9 points for viewing his video on addmefast, then 9 points has given to those viewers who watches his video.

Similarly, if anybody watches your video, the points has issued by you for that video are deducted from account and added to the other one’s account.
For better understanding of this concept, I also added a video on “how to operate addmefast to increase your youtube views?”

I think after watching the above video, you understand that addmefast is very easy tool to operate and increase your likes, subscribers and followers in many social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc.

How can it help your videos to improve their rank in Google and YouTube pages?

Getting different views from the globe can help to improve the rating of your video which can help your video to climb up on the main pages of YouTube and Google Search.


If you are a blogger and owns a particular site, then this site can help you to increase your facebook likes and twitter followers, but I don’t guarantee that are you getting traffic from those likes or not?

Because all those users who likes your page are non-targeted traffic.

I think this post will helped you to solve your problems on youtube channel, but if you get any problem related to this topic which are not mention here, then you can comment your suggestion or problem below…

And at last, do not forget to subscribe us to get more juicy updates on YouTube and social media.
---------------------------------Thank you--------------------------------------

About the author

is a technical blogger who loves to write about games, tips and tricks,best useful software , android programming.If you like the author than you can find more interesting stuff by stay connected with him on Facebook , Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn.
Gaurav Sharma -Author
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08 March 2013

How to do masti chat on Twitter chat room to get lots of traffic and followers for you blog?

Tweet Chat
When first time, I tried “Tweetchat-a masti chat on twitter chat room”, I think that “What is new about this app?”

It is the same thing like when I am using #hash tags with my every tweet to get notice by the people of my related or interested fields like SEO, Blogging, etc.

After passing few days, I noticed that results through this app are astonishing.
In few days, the traffic from twitter to my site increases 2 times than before and now, I can feel the power of this app.

The most important feature of this app is- It gives you the targeted followers for your blog on twitter at one place, which becomes the main reason of this app success in twitter.

Features of “Tweetchat- a masti chat on twitter chat room” which makes this app unique from other apps are:

Twitter Chat Rooms

  • Retweet the tweets.
  • Tag the tweets as favourite tweets.
  • You can share a link tweet to allow others to join with you in tweetchat rooms.
  • You can reply to any twitter user individually.
  • You can change the time of refresh speed of tweetchat like 5 second for fast refreshing or 60 seconds for slow refreshing.
  • You can also block a twitter user from your chat room while you are talking to other twitter user.
  • As usual you can share link here to increase your blog or website traffic and to share some interesting pics and facts as well.
  • In “Tweetchat- a masti chat on twitter chat room”, you can toggle the font size in two sizes or versions (small or big).
  • If you want to share your tweets with particular users or make a clan on tweet chat, you can do it by using User control’s feature facility. Here, you just have to add the twitter username of your desired twitter accounts
  • There is a play/pause option also given.

I think it is more than enough about Tweetchat.

Now, If you like my article on Tweetchat, then do not forget to share this your friends..

About the author

is a technical blogger who loves to write about games, tips and tricks,best useful software , android programming.If you like the author than you can find more interesting stuff by stay connected with him on Facebook , Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn.
Gaurav Sharma -Author
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07 March 2013

How to automatically tweet for free with 5 easy apps

 Twitter is among one of the best social media network ever. It has almost billions of users in having millions of tweets posted per day, in such thing if you want your tweet to be seen so you have to be active on twitter as much possible. But due to lack of time we have to automate this tweets by free easy apps. In this post I will tell how to automatically tweet for free with 5 easy apps. There are many apps to automatically tweet for free. Some of them I will be discussing below.

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1). Hootsuite.

One of the best free app to automatically tweet for free. It also support many other social media sites for example Facebook, LinkedIn, foursquare etc.
It gives an option for automatically your tweet for free at any time you want. See here the video to know more about it.

2). Bufferapp

One of the best interface I have ever seen. It look more attractive and usable comparative to other apps. I really like its interface and sure you will also like it.
See here the video to know more about it.

3). Socialoomph

It is also one of the best app to tweet automatically for free. it has many features like scheduling your tweets, having more than one twitter account which is generally not present in other services.
See here the video to know more about it.


A simple app for buffering your tweets. It is very simple but there is no way to delete your scheduled tweets.But is still one of the app to automatically tweet for free. See here the video to know more about it.

5). Tweetdeck

It is also a very good free easy app to automatically tweet for free. It allows to follow as many number of accounts we have in a columned manner. See here the video to know more about it.

About the author

ShubhamKedia is a technical blogger who loves to write about games, tips and tricks,best useful software , android programming.If you like the author than you can find more interesting stuff by stay connected with him on Facebook , Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn.
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06 March 2013

Top 5 reasons why you should opt for writing Guest Posts

writing guest post

If you are bored of building backlinks for each and every post on your website/blog, and want some other alternatives for it, then this post is dedicated for you.
Building backlinks for each and every post you write is a tedious task. Each time you build backlinks for your post, it goes to the top in Google Search for a few days, and then again it starts going down after few days. Thus, all the hard work goes in vain.
We need to start building backlinks for it again to take it to top spot. This results in a lot of frustration.
promote your blog through social media promotion

The following are the reasons why we should go for Guest Posts

Exposure to New Audience

If you keep posting articles for your blog, there are very less chances that you get a new audience. If new visitors like our guest posts, they will surely have a look at our blog.
Writing guest posts for other Blogs helps us to get exposure to a new set of audience. Writing Guest posts helps us to interact with the visitors on the other blog. People with varying thoughts and ideas can comment on our post, ask their queries and reply also. Guest posts can benefit us much more than our expectations.

Building relations with other Bloggers

Guest posts help us build relations with other Bloggers, for whom we write posts. If we write some interesting posts for the famous Bloggers, and help them increase their traffic, we can develop healthy relations with them.
Writing Guest posts regularly might even help us get a lot of respect from even the best Bloggers around the world.

Best tactic for Backlink building

The biggest advantage of Guest posts is that it builds backlinks for us. It gives us a permanent backlinks support, which in turn strengthens our stay at the top pages on Google search Engine.

Any good quality Guest post, sent by us to a famous Blogger can get shared hundreds of times, which might help us increase your Blog ranking, and also give your Blog fame worldwide.

More Subscribers through RSS

increase subscriber through rss feed

If people like our Guest post, they might have a look at our Blog. If they like the contents, they might subscribe to the RSS feeds so as to get regular updates from the Blog. Thus, Guest posts provide long term benefits for our Blog.

Thus, more the number of Guest posts on well-recognized Blogs, more the chance to get traffic, and in turn more RSS feeds.
Also, an entirely new network is created for us through Guest posts. New audience, new ideas, new questions, suggestions all these help us build a new strong network. New ideas and suggestions can prove valuable for us in the long run.

Best way for Blog Promotion

Writing posts only for your Blog will not give you as much promotion, as much writing Guest posts for other Blogs. Writing Guest posts is the best way to promote your blog.  Guest posts will not only help to create new audience for your Blog, but if your contents are liked regularly by audience, it will provide long term benefits, thus promoting our Blog for a long time.
We may be making use of Facebook, Twitter and other social sites for Blog promotion, but none of them can come near to the extent of promotion aided by Guest posts.

Thus, we find that the best way to increase Blog traffic is to write Guest posts regularly for some famous Bloggers, gain their trust, and develop a new and better source of traffic for your Blog.

If you are looking for some promotion through guest post, then here is the chance to grab an opportunity by writing for us. Please check our guest post guidelines. 

About the author

is a technical blogger who loves to write about games, tips and tricks,best useful software , android programming.If you like the author than you can find more interesting stuff by stay connected with him on Facebook , Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn.
Pallav Jain -Author

05 March 2013

How Google and Facebook manage their all Data so Effectively?

Facebook And Google Managment
Have you ever wondered how Google and Facebook manage it's queries in excessive amount of data or how Facebook gets your photos and notifications in such a small time with a large quantity of information that needs scanning for appropriate data item to be retrieved

We are moving into a wide world of Data management called Big Data. This term may seem strange to hear now but it is goanna be the future of internet world. It may be astonishing to know that 90% of the worldwide data that we have on internet is generated in last 2 years.  This accelerated trend is definitely going to continue and it is just a matter of time when it can cross when hundreds of petabytes. 

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There is no pondering over the fact that where the data is coming from. It is the generation of smart phones, social networks like Facebook, twitter and trading platforms.

Google labs had developed an algorithm called Map Reduce that allowed their large data calculations to be chopped up into smaller chunks and map to many computers. And when the calculations were done, we brought back together to produce the resulting data set.

This algorithm is then used to develop open source project called Hadoop which allows applications to run using Map Reduce algorithm.

Google and Facebook This helps Google and Facebook to manage their data easily. Businesses are adopting themselves to use this powerful architecture. There are generally two things that's forcing them to do so. First of all large amount of data, larger than 10 Terabytes and secondly high calculation complexity. Combination of these two factors with a need for fast retrieval of data can demand hadoop architecture.

It can be simply understood as the data processing takes place in parallel instead of processing in serial manner in this architecture which finally leads to faster results.

Facebook currently has the largest Hadoop cluster in the world with more than 100 PB of data which grows roughly half a PB per day. Fascinating isn't it!
So, this technology helps Google and Facebook to manage their big data to retrieve any queries quickly.

This post is written by Sarabjeet singh on the topic “How Google and Facebook manage their all data so effectively?” and SEO by . If you have to write a quality guest post for us, you can check out our guest posting guidelines.

About the author

Sarabjeet singh is an author at ComFuge-A World of Geeks. He is also pursuing B.tech (Computer Science ) from Vit University, Chennai.
Gaurav Sharma -Author

27 February 2013

How to schedule your Pinterest pins with Pingraphy to save your time effectively?

Schedule Your Pinterest Pins with Pingraphy
A few days ago, I started a Pinterest’s board for my blog to get more traffic and after passing few days, you feel happy to know that I attain 500 Followers for my blog in Pinterest very early.

After getting so much traffic and love from Pinterest followers, I felt like I am in heaven. But after passing sometime, I am noticing that Pinterest covers my major part of work-time in pining rather than writing a blog article for my blog or other stuff like SEO, organic traffic and increasing traffic from other social networking sites.

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After this incident, I become so much addicted of this social networking site like using drugs, which is not bad for me in starting, but slowly its side effect arises.

So after getting known of my problem I took some major steps for reducing my addiction towards Pinterest such as I found an important web portal Pingraphy, which is very effective and easy to use.

Pingraphy-Schedule your Pinterest pins in effective way:

Actually, for my problem Pingraphy is one of the best tools I ever get to optimize my pins in Pinterest very easily.

Mostly it is being used for scheduling Pinterest pins and selecting your pins from any webpage or social networking site as well.

For users who want to schedule his Pinterest Pins:

To implement this tool on your Pinterest account and schedule your Pinterest Pins, you just have to follow or watch this YouTube video given below:-

That is all about Pingraphy and schedules your Pinterest Pins effectively.

And one more thing doesn’t forget to like our pages to get updates from our blog regularly and suggest your views on article with us by commenting below.

About the author

is a technical blogger who loves to write about games, tips and tricks,best useful software , android programming.If you like the author than you can find more interesting stuff by stay connected with him on Facebook , Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn.
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