22 October 2012

Learn with Google and be a Google Certified.

4:12 AM By shubham kedia , ,

Today Google have spread all over the world and in every field. Like cloud computing, mobile computing and so on. Today Google has become number one in providing many services across the globe.


Now Google has come up with many innovative ideas to teach internet users how to search there required queries in a very different manner so that they will get what they want.Now Google is started an campaign to educate the users to let them know how to search more efficient and in an effective manner.

So know Google has launched a new course as Power Searching with Google in which we all be learning how to do searching in an efficient way.


                                                  Google will also provide you with the certificate on the basis of simple exam conducted at the last of the course.

Now Google has closed this certified exam but soon it will be opened again. Before that you can learn and search effectively. You can have look to his course page here.

Google not only providing the course materials but also useful Webinars so that you have the maximum use of the google. Here you can look at those Webinars.