18 November 2012

Protect yourself from being hacked by hackers.!!

protect yourself from being hacked


Smaller URL's or untrusted websites will seem to sometimes convenient and informative but we never know that they also hide the original address or some vulnerable script behind which install a malicious software while loading that website or URL and than you may be hacked. Today many peoples like us got trapped into this malicious link and there  all of valuable information reach into the hands of attacker that's the way they get hacked. So the most common question every internet user ask that what he can do for protection of my computeror to avoid hacking or avoid to get hacked. So here your answer lies within to protect yourself from being hacked.

To avoid such situation or illegal hacking many developer's came forward and created many websites ,tools,vulnerability scanners and plugins which can help you to avoid you getting hacked and avoid hacker letting your personal information into their hands.Many of such tools I have discussed below to save from hacking.

  1. Unshorten.it

It is one of the good website to unshorten any URL. It also gives you an screenshot of the site which will be going to open so that you can easily trust on particular website and don't click on the malicious site blindly which might result in getting yourself hacked. It also gives a trustworthy rating according to our convenience so we can differentiate between which site is original or which is fake or used by hackers to do hacking.

                             It is available for Chrome and mozilla only in the market. Support for others browser will also be released soon.

To download for Mozilla you can goto this link.
To download for chrome you can goto this link.

    2. Longurl.org


An another good one URL longner which longens the URL so that you have idea that you are not clicking any site which result yourself to get hacked.. It also expands the shorten URL and gives the screenshot of it .

To download it for Mozilla goto this link.

3). WOT
There are also many variety of site checkers which help you to find out whether the site is trustworthy or not. One of these is WOT. It will help you providing useful rating and comment of many users to provide you a better choice to enter a particular website or not.
see website rating from web of trust

      You can goto this link  and download it. It is available for browsers like chrome, Mozilla. 


An another good plugin for Google users. It's easy and simple. just take your mouse over any link and it will give you the preview of it without opening it.

You can download it from this link to install swiftpreview to your chrome.

                This know URL is available for chrome users also. You can download it here.

There are many other sites which you can refer like:
  • Unshorten.com
  • Unshort.me
  • knowurl.com

6) Free Website Vulnerability Scanner and Tools
You have saved yourself from being getting hacked but what about if your website is being hacked. What will you do if somebody have access to your website, as it is the most common part in website hacking that attacker uses your admin passwords to access your website. The main question arises how the attacker got the password. Than we have many free online web auditing site which will help you to scan any website vulnerabilities for free and tell which way you can be attacked.

vulnerability scanner
click to enlarge

One of the best free web vulnerability scanner is Web Cruiser Web Vulnerability Scanner which is free to download. You can download it from link given here.

More will be added soon. Stay connected with us. 

7). Use Dropbox and other online cloud storage to store your important data.

Dropbox is an best online secure cloud storage operated by Dropbox Inc. Technology of Dropbox is totally depends on Cloud basis which includes file synchronization , and client software.It allows user to create a special folder on their computer which is synchronized on their cloud network.

If you store your data here and even if your computer is hacked and all data is deleted or attacker fill up your computer with viruses than it is better to keep your data safe and secure over the best and free online cloud storage to protect your data. 

Here hacking of dropbox is merely impossible because of encryption algorithm it used AES-256 one of worlds unbreakable encryption technique.

     There are many best alternative other than Dropbox like Google Drive, Box Sync are available with free of cost.You can see here how to install it. 

8).Encrypt your Data with best encryption software available in the market.

In any case you have been hacked, so now what about the data.So you'll want to make sure if your important data is safe or not.So with the help of True Crypt which is free and open source lets your data to be encrypted. It is of the best encryption software, I came acroo with which is available for your both Mac and Windows.
encrpt your data wih true crypt from getting protected from hackers
click to enlarge


Today spamming, hacking, phishing etc are very common nowadays. If user privacy is not protected than it will be very difficult to surf on the net. So to protect user privacy and avoid attacks we have these sites and plugins to help us out.

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14 November 2012

Top 5 tips which help you to get more website traffic from Twitter

web traffic from twitter

Why am I writing this post?
As you know, today social media is the best way to express your thoughts in front the world and also for bloggers to acquire decent targeted website traffic for their blog, which may help them to gain more revenue in a short duration.
Today, the most famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc. cover the blogosphere and have become the main source of earning. But for newbies, it is very hard for them to convert these sites into a money publishing machine.
There are many authors in the blogosphere, who have worked on these sites and are ready to share their experiences, so that no newbies face any troubles in starting getting revenue from these sites. Likewise, I am also one of the authors trying to share my experience with all those readers who are willing to make money through Twitter.
In the starting days of my blogging career, I also faced some difficulties in getting traffic from Twitter because I was a habitual user of Facebook and all this Twitter stuff was new for me. But one thing I knew was that I have to get targeted website traffic from this site at any cost.
This spirit give me incredible power to read other authors blog to check how could I increase my revenue from Twitter and after researching so much, I found these 5 tips which really helped me to make my blog as a brand in the world of twitter.
I think it should be the best tips for you also to get traffic from Twitter.com
The tips which gave me a lot of traffic from twitter are as follows:-
·         Make your Blog Profile Interesting:-  Here I have to give an example –as you know without a good resume an employee never gets a first good impression. Similarly, without a great profile, how can you think of getting a follower’s good impression? So first of all, make your twitter blog profile interesting so that it can attract readers to come to your blog.
·         Follow some authors twitter profile:- If you have to increase your business in the world of twitter, you have to follow some famous authors twitter profile and be active there by retweeting their posts and comment on their wall post. However, if the author of that profile doesn’t notice you, who cares??
You just have to post regularly because every day there are millions of visitors visit their twitter profile and I think, most of them may see your tweet.
·         Tweet Regularly:- As you know , when you don’t post an article in your blog, you can easily find a decrement in the website traffic of your blog. Likewise, in twitter, when you forget to tweet you can easily find the decrement in the traffic referral from twitter.
If you do not have a new post, tweet the old one which got a decent traffic previously on your blog because I am damn sure that there are many people who might have not read the post. So tweet regularly.
·         Make it easy for readers of your blog to tweet:- Without adding any follow and tweet button in your blog,  your blog’s reach can’t expand drastically. To add this gadget in your blog, you can take help from add this website, which gives you a code to add this gadget.
·         Use URL’s shorteners  and attractive titles:- Use the URL shortener , so that you can tweet in a more appropriate way on twitter because sometimes there are some posts , which need some space to describe the subject nicely to your followers and tweet in such a manner so that it can help your twitter profile to gain the attention of your followers.

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12 November 2012

Host your website for free with Dropbox and create your own website for free..!!

Why am I writing this?

Hello guys today my topic will be looking weird but it is not. Today I am gonna tell you about magic of Dropbox which i have left covered in previous topics.Today I will be telling you a very interesting part of Dropbox. Dropbox has many uses out of which I am gonna discuss it now.


Dropbox is not merely a simple tool to play with. It has its broader way of it's use. Today in this post I will tell you how to host your website for free on Dropbox because it is a free website hosting and it will be helpful for those who are fed up of over charging of hosting charges.It will help you to make your own website for free.
                         By following below steps you will be easily host your website on Dropbox. Since there are two of doing it out of which one is simple and other one is hard.So here I will be discussing the simplest one. I you want to know how to host your blog on Dropbox than stay connected.

Step 1: If you haven't installed the Dropbox yet than install it by following steps given here.


Step 2: Go to website pancake.io and create your account and Let allow pancake to allow to use Dropbox.

hosting at pancake.io
click to enlarge

Step 3: Once you get connected automatically your Dropbox will prompt to allow permission to the pancake api. 

authentication for dropbox apps
click to enlarge

Once allowed it will automatically generate a folder with name apps. Under apps you will find a pancake folder.

apps folder createdin dropbox folder
click to enlarge

Enter into Apps folder you will get the pancake.io folder and put your all html file there.

pancake and scripto folder in apps folder
click to enlarge

I hope you have found it easy to do it. You can also check this website which is hosted on Dropbox http://goo.gl/tkQWF.

Also there is one more issue you should deal with that is the daily file transfer capacity. According to Dropbox there not more than of 20 GB(for free users) of data transfer if it exceeds than your account will be suspended automatically. But I think having a max of 10 mb site will not let you cross your avg usage.

There are more number of api's available from which you can also use to host website for free like its scriptogr.am. Here you cannot define your own layout but its work pretty good like an Blogspot or Tumblr etc.This is an test site you can check it out here: http://goo.gl/CoL9k

hosting at scriptogr.am
click to enlarge

Another One is Dropages.com. It is little bit open means you cant expect fuul privacy. Here your folder is shared by the company which have full rights to change,edit and look into your files. It can also have your personal information and can even use for illegal purposes.

hosting at droppages
click to enlarge


According to my choice pancake.io is a better option. Because all your informance is safe with you and your data is with you. Nobody can actually edit it untill you give them permission to do so.
                                  In next post I will tell you how to host your CMS through Dropbox using Droppages. Not an bad idea to start it with but if you want full privacy go for than paid ones. If you like this post like us on Facebook. For any queries and info please comment below. Your comments are valuable and help us to grow further.


11 November 2012

Top 10 tips that can help you gain traffic for your blog

get more traffic to your blog

Why am I writing this post?
In this world, everyday many new bloggers join and become a part of the blogging family. However, all of the bloggers are not able to impress and drive traffic to their blog content.

This is because they are not able to present their knowledge in front of the readers in a manner that the readers enjoy.

Thus, I am writing this post with an aim to help those bloggers who have enough knowledge, but are lacking in presentation skills.

By reading this post, and applying them in their blogging habits, they can get more traffic, and thus their knowledge would start getting its true worth in the form of appreciation from the readers..

The following are a few tips which I think can help a lot of bloggers: -

   1)      Never make use of long paragraphs. It makes the reader bored and thus he tends to skip most of its contents.

   2)      Highlight the important/key words in your article. This attracts the reader’s attention directly to the main point.

   3)      Use as many images as you can to make things simple for the reader. It becomes very easy to understand a topic, if it is supplied with suitable images. Hence, providing images wherever possible should be practised.

   4)      If possible, provide the readers with links of similar types of articles. This will give the readers a chance to know more about the same topic.

   5)      Never forget to ask your readers to post their comments/queries on the article.

   6)      Whenever you explaining some steps, always write small paragraphs, and write the points in bullets or number them.

   7)      Always try to begin your article with an image/logo, which can attract the readers, and at times it can also explain the users about the content in the topic.

   8)      If possible, provide the readers with you tube videos related to the topic.

   9)      The grammatical errors in the contents of your blog must be very less. You should always get your articles checked by some websites, which can point out your grammatical errors, so that you can correct them.

  10)  You should never use heavy vocabulary in your articles. You should always make your articles simple and easily understood by the readers.
      If you should follow the above tips in the writing of your blog post, then you may drive more traffic to your blog.

If you have any queries related to this post, then you may comment below..

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10 November 2012

Best professional blogger template sites just to start your blog.!!

Why am I writing this post?

Today blogging has become the common habit of every computer user. Now every one want's his own personal blog to express his views and ideas. So there's always a question in everyone's mind that how to start and from where to start. So in reference to that this post will surely help you out.


In this post, I will be discussing about the basic thing from which you should start is a Professional Blogger Template which not only look attractive but also be small in size so that it will not effect the loading speed of your website because any visitor find your blog to slow to load than the visitor will definitely don't want to visit it again.So here are some of the best sites to help you out.

  1. Btemplates

    b templates

    Click  here to go to Btemplates

  2. Deluxe Templates

    deluxe templates
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to Deluxe Templates.
  3. eBlog Templates

    e blog template
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to eblog Templates. 
  4. BlogCrowds

    blogcrowds templates
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to BlogCrowd Templates. 
  5. Blogger Themes

    blogger themes
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to Blogger themes.
  6. Theme Craft

    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to Theme Craft.
  7. All BlogTools

    all blog tools
    click to enlarge

    Click to here to go to All blog tools
  8. Blogger Templates Blog

    blogger template blog
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to BloggerTemplates Blog. 
  9. BieTemplate

    bie template
    click to enlarge

    Click to here to go to Bie Templates.
  10. Our Blogger Templates

    our blogger templates
    click to enlarge

    Click to here to go to Our Blogger templates.
  11. More resources

    Here are some more of the sites which you should prefer.
  1. Anshul Dudeja
  2. Blogspot Templates
  3. ipietoon
  4. Pyzam
  5. Blogger Template Place
  6. Zoom Template
  7. The Blog Templates
  8. WP Blogger Themes
  9. Blogspot Tutorial
  10. Blogger Templates Free

How to install Professional Blogger Template

Now all know want to know how to set the blogger designer template. Than here is the way you get best described by my mates.


Since you have variety of choices here but choose wisely among them. Try to choose as simple and small template so that you do not have any speed of website's issues. Like to some template having light and easy template.

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09 November 2012

How to enhance your security in Gmail account?

2 step verification security in gmail

Just imagine that if someone else gets to know your Gmail account password, but still he is not able to log into your account. How can you do this?

Well, Gmail has even provided its users with a facility named as 2-Step Verification, which helps making your account more secured.

Why you should use 2-step verification?

The 2-step verification system significantly reduces the chances of having the personal information in your Google account stolen by someone else because hackers would have to get not only your password and your username, but also your mobile phone.

In this verification system, other than the usual password verification, the user while logging in also gets a random 6 digit verification code on his mobile number, which needs to be entered to get access to the account.  

How can you enable this 2-Step verification system in Gmail?

The process of enabling this facility is very simple: -
·         First, open your Gmail account and then click on the name of your mail ID written at the top right of the webpage.
Click on account to open the account setting

·         Then, click on Account. Thus, a new tab gets opened in your browser. Then, click on Security.
click on security to open security settings

·         Thus, we get 3 options on the screen – Password management, 2-Step verification and Authorizing applications and sites.

·         Then, click on Edit button in the 2-Step verification option.
Security setting of google account

·         Then, Gmail will ask your password again, re-enter your password to proceed further.

·         Then, a webpage appears. Now, click on See how it works button to continue the process further.
See How it works button for 2 step verification in gmail

·         Next, click on Start setup button to begin the setup of 2-Step verification system.
Click on Start setup to start 2 step verification

·         Then, enter your mobile number in the space provided as shown in the image.
enter mobile number to begin the 2 step verification security

·         Then, click on Send code button to get a 6 digit verification code from Google on your mobile phone.

·         Then, click on Verify. Then, Gmail will ask you whether to trust this computer on or not. If this is your personal computer, then retain the tick in the given box. Else, unmark it.

·         Next, click on next button. Then click on Confirm.
Confirm to start the 2 step verification

·         After doing this, Gmail will ask you to re-enter your password. After you get logged in again, the 2-step verification is successfully enabled in your account.

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Get your android phone get protect by the best free android virus protection app..!!


Why I am writing this post?

Today most of users like me and you are having an android mobile and due to its increasing popularity it has also led to many security issues like virus,malware etc.So always have a question in mind that what is best mobile security app for android phones.So, in order to help with these issues many vendor came up and develop various android security app which protects our phone from attack of virus or a phishing or with an anti theft capabilities.
        There are variety of apps which deals with these type of difficulties includes popular antivirus program like avast,avg etc.Here i will be discussing top 5 antivirus fit for your android mobile.

1) Lookout Security and Antivirus

lookout antivirus

  • It can detect and remove the virus or spyware hidden in apps or in email attachments or in phone files.
  • It check for every number you dialled and let you khow if it has any hazardous inpact on your phone like factory reset.
  • It blocks dangerous URl's and websites which can take your private data.
  • One of the best feature that if your mobile get lost find it on google map using lookout.com and also make a loud alarm if it is on silent mode.
  • It also provide an backup and restore your phone when it's data get wiped off or you lost your mobile just using lookout.com. Just sure that you regularly make a online copy of that online.
Current Version: Varies with device
Get Latest Version Here: Install here
User Review:Average rating is 4.5 stars out of 5.

2) Anti Virus FREE(AVG)

  • It scans files,settings,apps and look for malicious program
  • It can also help in finding your lost phone through goole maps.
  • It can Lock or wipe your device to protect your privacy.
  • It can kiil tasks which slows down you computer.
  • It helps in browsing sites safely and securely and also helps in performance tuning.
  • It lock apps to protect your privacy.
Current Version: Varies with device
Get Latest Version Here: Install here
User Review:Average rating is 4.5 stars out of 5.

3) Avast Mobile Security

  • Scans for vulnerable files and apps to protect you from viruses.
  • It checks for access rights of app installed and displays the intents of them.
  • It gives you the remote control via ems or web , cell phone tracking,memory wipe etc through its well known feature Anti theft which is an hidden component.
  • Provides a shield against the vulnerable and phishing sites and blocks them and fixes the mistyped URL's
  • It gives control the app from your Desktop.
  • It provides call filtering of the contacts that you select.
  • Help in performance tuning by efficient use of battery.

Current Version: Varies with device
Get Latest Version Here: Install here
User Review:Average rating is 4.7 stars out of 5.


Choosing a best antivirus is very difficult for you because all providing the same services. To choose one of the best it solely depends on the performance and how much battery power is consumed by that app. According to users average rating Avast  is the top mobile security app for android and according to downloads lookout is seem to be other free antivirus for android phone .In my suggestion Lookout is better option than others according to its performance and many highlighting features.
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