20 October 2012

Make your Pendrive Bootable using command prompt in a blink of an eye!!!

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This post will help you to make your bootable pendrive in no time.

Today having a bootable pen drive is very essential, especially for laptop users who work for 8-10 hours  daily. Having a bootable drive not only saves your time but also saves DVD.

Bootable pendrive can be used to install a OS like Linux, windows on your system.

Sometimes, it can even be used to fix our boot sector errors due to which some times our windows failed to start with some simple command which i will be discussing later in the post.

You can make your pendrive bootable if you follow these steps:

1) First start your command prompt by pressing windows+R button and write cmd in it and press enter or press windows button type cmd and then press enter(for win7 users). If you are not an administrator than type cmd in windows and press ctrl+shift+enter.

2)Enter DISKPART and hit enter. you will see the following screen.

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3)Now enter LIST DISK. It will show the available list of disk. You have to select one of them with the following command.
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4)SELECT DISK to select the disk. Choose your pendrive. Be sure to select the correct drive. In the list of the disk one is your hard disk. You may loose all your data if you choose the wrong disk.

5)Now enter CLEAN to clean your pen drive as shown.

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6)Now enter CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY which will create a partition.

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7)Now enter SELECT PARTITION 1 to select the partition created.

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8)Make it active using ACTIVE command.

9) Now format the disk with FAT32 type file system using command FORMAT FS=FAT32.
(This process take some time according to size of drive is taken and on which laptop it is running)

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10) Once your disk is formatted enter ASSIGN to assign the drive letter for the drive.

11)And then enter EXIT to leave DISKPART screen.

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12)Now after completing this all steps now you have to put the cd/dvd of that OS of which you want a            bootable drive(especially for win7 installers). Here i am using G: drive .

13) Again go back to cmd and execute the following command.
                             G:CD BOOT
                             CD BOOT
                             BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 H:
where H: is our USB drive letter.
These steps will copy the boot file into usb to recognize that usb as bootable.

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14) Now you are almost done. Now just copy all the contents of that drive into usb and now you can install new OS on other laptop or can repair your other computer either through start repair or through cmd.

15)If you dont want to use any of these steps or you are not able to do these steps than here is one more solution for you.
You have many software to make your pendrive bootable. I have tried many of them but I found one keep working that is Universal UsB Installer. You can download it from here. And follow the steps given by the software
For any queries please comment below.