30 October 2012

Learn to distinguish between a fake and an original Email id

6:19 PM By Pallav Jain , ,

Very often, in the comments listed on our blog or websites, we can find many comments having negative feedback/remarks for our blog or website.

But, what’s interesting thing to know is that most of these comments are SPAM comments, i.e. they come from some unknown and fake email id. These are done by some anonymous people intended to cast a negative impression of our blog/website into other people’s mind.

So, how can we distinguish between a fake and a real email id?

It’s very simple. You don’t have to take any pain for it. Just visit the website my-addr 

image 98900809
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It is a website that checks for the existence of Emails from services like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.

This website returns an unfeigned result in most of the cases, but it doesn’t return a result for Email services which do not allow reverse Email lookup.

After you open the website, click on “Verify Email for exist” located on the left side of the webpage. Next, enter the Email id whose existence you want to check. Then click on Go.

image 39399
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The image shown below shows the existence of a true Email id.

image 23418
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However, if the email id doesn’t exist, it will show that the mail id is invalid(as shown in image below)
image 2321321
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You can also use this website for many other purposes such as tracing email sender’s location, our IP information etc.

Explore this website more and make the best use of this useful website.

There are many other methods for email verification, but I have discussed only the best and the most widely used method.

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