15 October 2012

Now even all the currently running trains in India can be tracked online !!!!


The Indian Railways has now launched a new web application for the passengers across the country, to provide them with an updated knowledge about the trains.
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The name of this online application is “RailRadar”.

With this application, the passengers can even know the status of the trains that are currently running across the country.

This web application can be accessed through the website Trainenquiry.com .

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FEATURES of the RailRadar :

    1)      The passengers may know all the current details of the train by entering either the train name, train number, source name, destination name or a combination of any of these.

    2)      Also, it can be known whether the train is running on time or is delayed.

    3)      The trains which are running on time are indicated by blue colour, while the ones which are lagging behind time are indicated by red colour.

     4)      The duration by which the train is delayed can also be known through this web application.

     5)      It even displays the current Location of the train (where it is running right now).

     6)      It also has an option called stations, in which all the stations between the source and destination can be viewed.
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     7)      Also, the next expected destination is shown along with its distance from the train’s current location.

     8)      The entire route of the train is also shown in the Google map.

     9)      The interactive maps can also be zoomed in and out to get the all current details of the trains.
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