27 October 2012

Create effortlessly an E-book of the posts from your Blog!!!

1:40 AM By Pallav Jain , ,

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Many a times, it happens that we feel like seeing our Blog articles, but we don’t have Internet connection available at that time. What can we do not to put ourselves in such situations?

It may also happen that we wish to see all our articles at one place and we may also want to read the articles of our blog offline.

Here’s the simplest way for doing all these things. Depending upon our requirements, we can convert all/some of our blog articles into an E-book, with our name in it.
We can cherish that E-book lifetime, and it will be like an asset as well as a memory for us lifetime.

Follow these simple steps to convert your blog articles into an amazing E-book in no time:  -
1)    We can easily convert our blog articles into a valuable book.
This can be easily done by visiting the website blog2book.
2)    As soon as the website opens, an option called “Start now” will appear. Click it to proceed to the next step.
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3)    Next, you will be asked to enter a blog address, i.e. the Blog from which you have will import the articles to get it converted into an E-book format.
It will also ask you to enter the platform on which your blog is based (e.g.  BlogSpot or WordPress).
4)    You will also be asked to fill the no of posts column, in which you can choose 10, 25, 50 or 100 articles in your blog. You can also select your posts by specifying the date range.

5)    After finishing all these, click on “Get the posts” to move to the next step.
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6)    Thus, all the selected posts will be fetched based on the specified dates or the number of posts.
7)    We can also remove some of the selected if we don’t want them. Once we are done with the selection of posts, Click on Continue.
8)    Next, it will also ask us to select a title, subtitle and Author name for the E-book.
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9)    We can also choose a cover for our E-book. We can also add a preface  and dedication page for our E-book.
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10)           After completing all these steps, click on “Create my book” .
11)           The E-book containing our posts will be created in a very short time.
12)           We can not only view that E-book online, but we can also download it, so that we can use it later.
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Thus, your awesome E-book is created in a very less time. You can read it offline whenever you want it, and also show it to your friends and family.

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