14 October 2012

Access everything you want of your friend with free remote access software..!!

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Access everything you want of you friend with best remote assistance software Team viewer. You can share, send ,watch anything you like. Even you can delete files, install software. Team viewer is one of the remote support tools. Team viewer is such an efficient software which can be used in many like as remote surveillance software or as an offsite backup software or as home scanning software etc.

Team-viewer allows you to connects any system remotely anywhere from the corner of the world.We can remotely connect your computer with partners computer and solve your problem in minutes.
You can download this software from this link given. Download this software from this link and follow the steps given and access your's partner computer.

Your Download will start automatically.You Dont have to any thing.
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Once downloaded click to install. A dialog box will appear.
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Click to install button. And than press next.
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Select personal/non-commercial use for your only personal use. click on than next.

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Accept all terms and condition.
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Select the option from the above depending on the computer you are going to access want to access later or not.Here i will be selecting no.
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Let it be install. If any previous install is there so it will be removed. And finally you will get like this.

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Now this same setup should be run on your partner's computer. Ask the partner id or give your partner id.After getting partner id click connect to partner. It will ask for a password.
For example your friends shows this screen.

image 2434
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Here user id is 565308947 and password is 4120

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Enter the password in the box and now you can have free remote access to pc of your friend.

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Whatever you you will do here will be done here.You can also watch movies, play multiplayer games..etc.

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