14 October 2012

Now Log in with different accounts at the same website on the same browser.Try this out !!!

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Many a times you might have tried to log into the same website with a different account using the same browser , and you might have failed in your attempts. If you try to log in with a new account in the same browser, in the same website, the browser does not allow that. 

Even if you open the same website in a new tab, the browser will open it with already logged in account.

Here is a solution  for the above mentioned scenario.

     a)     If you are a Chrome browser user, then you can click on the settings option. Then click on the New Incognito window option. A new window will be opened. You can access both windows simultaneously without any issues.

Thus, the user can login the same website now with a different username.

This will not use the previous browsing cookies. It enables browsing in the private mode, wherein you will be using a fresh set of cookies.
Also , the  New Incognito window option can be opened directly using (Ctrl + Shift + N)

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     b)     If you are using Mozilla, then click on Firefox and then select Private browsing option.
Firefox doesn’t open a new window. Rather, it replaces the existing browsing session with the private browsing session.
The previous browsing session will be restored as soon as we exit the private browsing session.

      c)      For Internet explorer users, click the gear menu icon. Next click Safety, and select ‘InPrivate Browsing’. A new window will be opened. Like chrome, here also we can access both windows simultaneously without any issues.
A     Also, the  ‘InPrivate Browsing’ can be directly enabled by pressing (Ctrl + Shift + P) together.

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