25 October 2012

Samsung launches new magnanimous LED smart TV with astounding features!!!

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Samsung launches new magnanimous LED smart TV with astounding features:-

The electronic giant Samsung is all set again,to leave an imprint in the minds of its consumers by announcing the launch of a huge 75 inches LED Smart TV(ES 9000). After the spell bounding success of Smartphones, the expectations of the people from Samsung was reached its summit.

Thus, Samsung is back in action in the LED TV market, but this time with features through which it can completely outcast its competitors.

The following are the its key Features :-

1)    Its Screen width is just 7.9 mm and hence it is ultra-slim for its massive 75 inches length.         

2 )    Motion Control features

            We can use simple gestures to select the apps, signature services,     entertainment and other Smart Contents in the Smart TV.
            This is one feature which has not come in any of the TV’s or smartphones that have been developed so far.
            Thus, being able to control TV through simple gestures is undoubtedly one of the best features of Smart LED TV’s.

3)    Availability of a Smart Hub

We can access all of the Smart TV's powerful features with the Smart Hub.

It’s a place where we can find all the applications and is the ideal spot for its consumers.

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4)    Storehouse of Apps & Entertainment

The Online streaming facility in Smart LED TV lets the customers enjoy music, oodles of games, movies and many other applications.

It gives the customers get a royal feeling of having a theater at their home. It is a complete package of full on entertainment for its consumers.

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5)    It has a Voice Controllable Feature

We can control and select TV functions by speaking into the built-in microphone on the Smart Touch Remote Control.

It detects the voice, and opens the application that the user has requested for. It has thus increased the interaction between TV’s and humans.


6)    Much smarter than the Smartphones

It is even smarter than smartphones because it has got additional features like motion gestures and voice control, which is lacking in the smartphones.

7)    Enhanced Comfort and luxury

It has taken the level of comfort and luxury provided by the TV’s to a great height, and other companies need to now come up with something extraordinary to match its level.

     8) Awesome Picture Quality
The picture quality of this enhanced Smart TV is incredible and gives awesome joy to its consumers. It has got higher contrast ratios, deeper black levels, increased brightness and longer viewing distances.
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Thus, for all of these spell bounding and unbelievable features, this new LED Smart TV can be really considered as a masterpiece LED TV.

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