15 January 2013

Send SMS text free from your computer using Bluestack

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Send SMS text free through whatsapp in bluestack

Today due to popularity and excessive use of Internet, it lead many new things get evolved like sending a SMS text free from our mobile through an internet using various apps for it. As we know “necessity is the mother of all invention”.  So, apps like WhatsApp came to market to send SMS text free from our PC.

A popular message client which is available for every mobile OS like Blackberry, iOS, Android, Symbian, Belly to send SMS text free from computer. But they all are only for our mobile. Still we have no client for Windows PC officially released by Whatsapp Team. So, here I have a solution to send SMS text free from your computer just by installing whatsapp application using Bluestack software for windows.

BlueStacks -Split Installer Android Emulator:

Bluestack is a simple emulator which helps us to install WhatsApp and thousands other like applications because it help to run all android application on  your computer without using a mobile device because it has a whole android operating system on it.

You will not get the same extent of fun as much you get on your touch mobile, but for a whatsapp fan it is very good. Whatsapp is very fast and efficient method to send SMS text free from our computer.
Whatsapp Search box in bluestack

To begin just follow these simple steps to send SMS text free from your computer using whatsapp on Bluestack:-

  • First of all, you need to install Bluestack app player. So, download it from here BluestackSplit-Installer.
  • After download is finished, start installing it. And during installation, it will download its runtime data to help it run. So, I prefer you better have cup of coffee in this gap of time.
  • After installation just goto search box and search for whatsapp and install it on your Bluestack. You will get a get interface like that.

              WhatsApp Messenger Downloading

  • Select the store from which you want to download or install whatsapp because there are 4 stores available to provide you free whatsapp download.
  • Just click on continue to accept all terms and conditions. By the way, I think nobody read that. You just have to configure for how to send SMS text free from your computer.

      Enter contact Number in Whatsapp
  • Now complete the remaining steps as required. Just enter your contact number and country code to continue.
    SMS verication for whatsapp
  • Once you are done with that, you will get a whatsapp verification code which you have to enter there to complete the verification process. Thus, whatsapp will be fully activated on your windows PC and now you are ready to send SMS text free from your computer.
           send sms text free through whatsapp
  • So, it’s time for some action. Just create new contacts or use previous contacts to connect to all contacts you have. Here in the above image, I have shown how I have connected my brother’s phone using whatsapp on my windows PC. Now I can send SMS text free from my computer to my brother’s number.

So enjoy full power of your whatsapp. Send/receive message, videos, and music files.

Conclusion (Send SMS text free through bluestack):-

Bluestack is the best alternative I have ever seen. It has given a wide platform for various applications to use it without your Mobile device. One of it I have discussed in this post. I hope know you will be easily send SMS text free from your PC.

I hope you like my post. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Comment boxes are always open for you.

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