25 September 2012

How to install a blogger XML template in your blogger’s blog??

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Today I am going to explain you about How to change your old classic template in professional looking templates. But first I should discuss you something about the template… What is Template??

Template is a kind of format or Code, which is used for designing your website or blog as you see in some professional portals in which there are some effects present such as slide- show, menus with sub-categories and much more (which is not available in classic template of given blogger.com). So I think after giving a brief description on the template, all you must have some eager to learn how to change your ordinary looking blog into a fabulous dashing looking blog by installing XML template. From below, I am explaining all the steps involved in the installation of templates…
STEP 1:-First open your blogger.com account and go to template option (which is present in your left sidebar)
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STEP 2:- After clicking, there is an option to make a BACKUP/RESTORE of your old template as shown in the image below if something goes wrong with your new template.
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STEP 3:- After opening the BACKUP/RESTORE option, one dialog box appeared on your screen like that as given below. Click on Download Full Template.
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STEP 4:-After this an xml file is automatically downloaded in your desktop/laptop. Save it properly for future use.
STEP 5:- Now download your professional template by searching in Google (I prefer btemplates.com always because of its variations in templates) in your hard drive. At google.com, you can find many useful as per your conditions and necessities.
STEP 6:-Then open the same dialog box of RESTORE/BACKUP option, and upload the new template as given in the image below.
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Congrats! Your new template is installed…

If you have any problems in installing the template, then you can post your queries below…

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