18 November 2012

Protect yourself from being hacked by hackers.!!

protect yourself from being hacked


Smaller URL's or untrusted websites will seem to sometimes convenient and informative but we never know that they also hide the original address or some vulnerable script behind which install a malicious software while loading that website or URL and than you may be hacked. Today many peoples like us got trapped into this malicious link and there  all of valuable information reach into the hands of attacker that's the way they get hacked. So the most common question every internet user ask that what he can do for protection of my computeror to avoid hacking or avoid to get hacked. So here your answer lies within to protect yourself from being hacked.

To avoid such situation or illegal hacking many developer's came forward and created many websites ,tools,vulnerability scanners and plugins which can help you to avoid you getting hacked and avoid hacker letting your personal information into their hands.Many of such tools I have discussed below to save from hacking.

  1. Unshorten.it

It is one of the good website to unshorten any URL. It also gives you an screenshot of the site which will be going to open so that you can easily trust on particular website and don't click on the malicious site blindly which might result in getting yourself hacked. It also gives a trustworthy rating according to our convenience so we can differentiate between which site is original or which is fake or used by hackers to do hacking.

                             It is available for Chrome and mozilla only in the market. Support for others browser will also be released soon.

To download for Mozilla you can goto this link.
To download for chrome you can goto this link.

    2. Longurl.org


An another good one URL longner which longens the URL so that you have idea that you are not clicking any site which result yourself to get hacked.. It also expands the shorten URL and gives the screenshot of it .

To download it for Mozilla goto this link.

3). WOT
There are also many variety of site checkers which help you to find out whether the site is trustworthy or not. One of these is WOT. It will help you providing useful rating and comment of many users to provide you a better choice to enter a particular website or not.
see website rating from web of trust

      You can goto this link  and download it. It is available for browsers like chrome, Mozilla. 


An another good plugin for Google users. It's easy and simple. just take your mouse over any link and it will give you the preview of it without opening it.

You can download it from this link to install swiftpreview to your chrome.

                This know URL is available for chrome users also. You can download it here.

There are many other sites which you can refer like:
  • Unshorten.com
  • Unshort.me
  • knowurl.com

6) Free Website Vulnerability Scanner and Tools
You have saved yourself from being getting hacked but what about if your website is being hacked. What will you do if somebody have access to your website, as it is the most common part in website hacking that attacker uses your admin passwords to access your website. The main question arises how the attacker got the password. Than we have many free online web auditing site which will help you to scan any website vulnerabilities for free and tell which way you can be attacked.

vulnerability scanner
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One of the best free web vulnerability scanner is Web Cruiser Web Vulnerability Scanner which is free to download. You can download it from link given here.

More will be added soon. Stay connected with us. 

7). Use Dropbox and other online cloud storage to store your important data.

Dropbox is an best online secure cloud storage operated by Dropbox Inc. Technology of Dropbox is totally depends on Cloud basis which includes file synchronization , and client software.It allows user to create a special folder on their computer which is synchronized on their cloud network.

If you store your data here and even if your computer is hacked and all data is deleted or attacker fill up your computer with viruses than it is better to keep your data safe and secure over the best and free online cloud storage to protect your data. 

Here hacking of dropbox is merely impossible because of encryption algorithm it used AES-256 one of worlds unbreakable encryption technique.

     There are many best alternative other than Dropbox like Google Drive, Box Sync are available with free of cost.You can see here how to install it. 

8).Encrypt your Data with best encryption software available in the market.

In any case you have been hacked, so now what about the data.So you'll want to make sure if your important data is safe or not.So with the help of True Crypt which is free and open source lets your data to be encrypted. It is of the best encryption software, I came acroo with which is available for your both Mac and Windows.
encrpt your data wih true crypt from getting protected from hackers
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Today spamming, hacking, phishing etc are very common nowadays. If user privacy is not protected than it will be very difficult to surf on the net. So to protect user privacy and avoid attacks we have these sites and plugins to help us out.

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