05 November 2012

How to transfer your Blogger account to WordPress blogging platform?

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Blogger to Wordpress

Why am I writing this post?
After using Blogger for a certain period, when you realise that it has various limitations, you might like to switch your blog to some other blogging platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr etc. Then this post might serve your purpose.

You can refer our post (Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger) to know about the limitations of a Blogger blogging platform.

If you are thinking of shifting your platform from Blogger to WordPress, then the steps discussed below will be helpful for you to easily switch your blogging platform.

These are the simple steps to be followed: -

        ·         Open your Blogger dashboard by logging into your Blogger account.

        ·         Go to Settings. Then click Other option in the settings.
Other option in blogger
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      ·         Then, scroll the cursor upwards. As you scroll up, a Blog Tools box appears which shows 3 options – Import, Export and Delete blog.

       ·         Click on Export blog. A dialog box appears which shows 2 options - Close and Download Blog.
Dialog Box of Export option in Blogger
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       ·         Click on Download Blog. Then, an XML file gets downloaded on your system.

       ·         Next, go to Wordpress.com.

       ·         Make a New account in WordPress platform by filling all the necessary details.

       ·         Then, choose the Create a New Blog option.
Create a blog in Wordpress
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       ·         Select an address and title for your blog.

       ·         After this, click on Create a Blog button.
Provide information to create a Wordpress Blog
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       ·         Then, open your WordPress dashboard of your newly created blog. Thus, a webpage appears in     which many options are given on left hand side of the webpage.

      ·         Take your cursor to the Tools option. Then a dialog box appears in which 4 choices are given to you - Available tools, Import, Export and Delete blog.
Wordpress DashBoard
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       ·         Click on Import option. Thus, a list of Blogging platforms appears in front of you.
·                      Choose Blogger as your Platform from which you are going to import the data.
Blogging Platform Through Which you can transfer your blog to Wordpress
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      ·         Next, click on Choose Files and upload the XML file that you had downloaded previously from your Blogger blog.
Click to continue to add XML file in wordpress
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Thus, by following these steps, your Blogger blog will be successfully transferred to the WordPress blogging platform.

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