06 November 2012

How can you add your Blogger blog Profile picture in the Google search engine?

Google Account Profile Image
Whenever you search for anything in the Google search engine, you find that in some of the articles, a picture of the article’s Author appears.

Google + Profile image in Google Seach Engine
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You must be wondering how this happens? And also you generating some funny queries in your mind like this that author might have paid some extra money to Google to add his picture along with his articles.
And also you start thinking how can I add my own picture into the Google search engine?

There are definitely many advantages of adding your profile picture into Google search engine.

One of them is getting a sudden increase in your Blog’s traffic as your picture might attract lots of young girls/guys (If your looks are charming enough, people will surely give preference to your article over other articles).

Another advantage is that you can proudly tell your friends and colleagues about your picture appearing on the Google search engine (which of course can make them jealous of your success).
Well certainly, all these thoughts in your mind are answered in this post. The process of adding your Profile picture on the Google search engine is very simple.

But before you start the above process, you must satisfy all the criteria listed below: -
·         Add your Profile picture
You must add your Profile picture in the Blogger account. Without it, you can’t even think of beginning the process.

·         Create an About Me page
Create an About Me page on your Blog, in which you should give a brief description about yourself so that the readers can also know about you.

·         Create a Google Plus Account and page
You must create a Google Plus account if you don’t have any and if you already have one, then you can skip this step.
You must also create a Google Plus page after the name of your blog.

After you have met all the above criteria, then just follow these simple steps to include your Profile picture in the Google search engine: -

Step 1: - Add this code in your Blogger by adding a HTML/JavaScript gadget and replace GooglePlus ID with your own Google + ID
(e.g. - https://plus.google.com/103010642115202089295)

<a href="https://plus.google.com/GooglePlusID"
 rel="author" target="_blank"> Add me On Google Plus</a>

Now, for Google + ID, log in your Google Plus account. Then click on Profile to see your Profile Id or Google + ID.

Note: -
·         From the above code, you can use any other text (e.g. your name) instead of  " Add me On Google Plus" .

·         Also, please don’t remove rel = “author” from the above code.

I added it on My Blog Footer as shown in below image:-
ComFuge-A World of Geeks Footer
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Open your About Me page, and add the below code anywhere on that page.

<a href="https://plus.google.com/GooglePlusID"
 rel="me" target="_blank"> Pallav Jain on Google+</a>

Note: -
·         Don’t remove rel="me"  from the above code,

·         Replace GooglePlus ID with your Google + ID.
             (e.g. - https://plus.google.com/103010642115202089295)

·         Replace “Pallav Jain on Google +” with your name.
About me Page of Gaurav Sharma
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Step 3: -
Now go to your Google + account and click on Edit Profile.

Step 4: -
Add your Blog URL and About Me page link in the “Contributor to” and “LINK” section as shown in the image below.
Google Plus Profile

Step 5: - Then go to your blog’s Fan page on Google + and add your Email ID in the profile of that Fan page and verify the Email ID as shown below.
Comfuge-A World of Geeks Profile
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Step 6: - Then open this tool Rich Snippets Tool and type your Blog URL in it. If it shows your Image with the link, then you have successfully added your Profile picture in Google search Engine.
Google Rich snippet
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Note: - Your image will appear on Google search Engine after a few days. So, kindly be patient and wait till then.

If you have any queries related to this post, then you may comment below.