08 November 2012

How can you save your Gmail messages in Google Drive?

1:49 AM By Gaurav Sharma , ,

Gmail, Google Docs

Why am I writing this post?
Sometimes, you may feel like editing some of the mails in your Gmail inbox, without willing to copy and paste the data.

In that case, Gmail gives you the provision to convert the information contained in any mail into a suitable Google doc.

You can edit the content in the mail as per your convenience, and convert it in PDF or word document format as per your requirements.

How to enable this service in your Gmail account?
Enabling this service in your Gmail account requires just making use of “Create a Document” apps in Google Labs.

 To visit Google labs, all you need to do is click on Settings. Then click on Labs as shown below.
Google Labs in gmail Setting

Then scroll your cursor down and click on Enable option of the “Create a Document” app.
Create a Document widget
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After clicking on Enable, scroll down till the end of the page and click on Save changes.

Once the changes are saved, hereafter, you can create a document of any of the mails.

Just click on the mail. When the mail gets opened, click on More option. You find an option called Create a document in that. Click on it. This automatically it takes you to a new tab.
Create a Document in more option of gmail.com

Note: - If your mail contains any attached files or documents, then Google docs that you will create will not include those attached files.

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