06 November 2012

Know why Linux is better than Others..!!

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Linux is an operating system like we all use windows.Operating System are nothing but a simple application software which interacts between hardware and software. An operating system is the first program which first load into your system when it is turn on.There are many things which our OS takes responsibility to run our system.


Its history begins in 1991 with a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds after which name of Linux is given which wants to develop a new kernel. Linux Kernel basically made in C language using some kilo bytes of space which is now reach above 500 megabytes.

Linux is initially known by Freax for half an year. But it is changed to Linux when it is developed by GNU components which is licensed under GNU GPL becuse it's first only a terminal emulator which is used to access large Unix servers.

GNU project is developed by Richard Stallmen to give people a free software.

How Linux Is Different From Others.

  • It is using a different set of rules other than Windows of handling mechanism of operating different tasks.
  • Linux is an opensource means you can see its source code and edit it if your enough capable of doing so. While like windows,mac is not open source, you can change its application or the way it run's.
  • You can develop your own Linux application and can publish under GPL(General Public License)
  • You have more things to do in a command line of Linux than the Windows or other OS. Linux gives a huge range of payloads installing which gives you a very new things to discover.
  • Linux comes with different versions and with different vareity to give a user to choose from.
  • Linux also comes with a live mode which means without actually installing into a system you can run it through CD or USB.
  • Linux supports many platforms but others like windows and mac are limited to only some of the platforms.
  • Last but not the least it is monolithic means everything from top to bottom is handled like networking, drivers etc but like in windows and mac it is not like that. They all depend on third-party drivers and services to interface between hardware and software.


In coming years Linux will be the most used OS as compared to others because of its portability, durability. Linux no doubt is very useful but its more responsive and efficient than other OS.