10 November 2012

Best professional blogger template sites just to start your blog.!!

Why am I writing this post?

Today blogging has become the common habit of every computer user. Now every one want's his own personal blog to express his views and ideas. So there's always a question in everyone's mind that how to start and from where to start. So in reference to that this post will surely help you out.


In this post, I will be discussing about the basic thing from which you should start is a Professional Blogger Template which not only look attractive but also be small in size so that it will not effect the loading speed of your website because any visitor find your blog to slow to load than the visitor will definitely don't want to visit it again.So here are some of the best sites to help you out.

  1. Btemplates

    b templates

    Click  here to go to Btemplates

  2. Deluxe Templates

    deluxe templates
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to Deluxe Templates.
  3. eBlog Templates

    e blog template
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to eblog Templates. 
  4. BlogCrowds

    blogcrowds templates
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to BlogCrowd Templates. 
  5. Blogger Themes

    blogger themes
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to Blogger themes.
  6. Theme Craft

    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to Theme Craft.
  7. All BlogTools

    all blog tools
    click to enlarge

    Click to here to go to All blog tools
  8. Blogger Templates Blog

    blogger template blog
    click to enlarge

    Click here to go to BloggerTemplates Blog. 
  9. BieTemplate

    bie template
    click to enlarge

    Click to here to go to Bie Templates.
  10. Our Blogger Templates

    our blogger templates
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    Click to here to go to Our Blogger templates.
  11. More resources

    Here are some more of the sites which you should prefer.
  1. Anshul Dudeja
  2. Blogspot Templates
  3. ipietoon
  4. Pyzam
  5. Blogger Template Place
  6. Zoom Template
  7. The Blog Templates
  8. WP Blogger Themes
  9. Blogspot Tutorial
  10. Blogger Templates Free

How to install Professional Blogger Template

Now all know want to know how to set the blogger designer template. Than here is the way you get best described by my mates.


Since you have variety of choices here but choose wisely among them. Try to choose as simple and small template so that you do not have any speed of website's issues. Like to some template having light and easy template.

                           Also feel free to add any more sites you want if i miss any one with your comments.Also like us on  Facebook if you like this post.