04 November 2012

Five portable antivirus and antimalware tools to carry at all times.

4:07 AM By Deepak Sharma , ,

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Hello friends, today every person uses computer for performing day to day work and here comes the role of anti viruses to protect your system from various infections .Antivirus prevents  unwanted access and infection in your system. It’s very usual  that people often  open files,  install cutesy apps and go to the sites where they shouldn’t  when they do these things there system gets infected and ultimately results in losing data or financial theft unless they are using  right tools.

Sometimes the antivirus tools installed on our system aren’t sufficient. When that time comes you’ll be glad you have one (or more) tools on your USB drive to help you out. I’ve found five such tools that could certainly get you out of a serious pinch. All of these tools are portable.

1. Clam Win Portable

Clam Win Portable is free, open source and performs a great job of cleaning the disinfectant files from system. It has a very high detection rate and being open source it is regularly gets updated therefore providing better security and has an easy to use graphical user interface. The only caution of using Clam Win is that it does not provide real-time scanner which is not an issue for portable version. This can be viewed as ready –to-go portable virus scanning software.
Claim Win Portable
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2.  Sophos Anti Rootkit Portable

Sophos Anti Rootkit Portable is best suited for localting rootkits  especially for portable app. Sophos scans, detect  and remove rootkits from system., it is 100% free and works along with your antivirus I have found Sophos reliable  enough to use even while the PC being scanned in use.
Sophos Anti Rootkit Portable
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 3.  Emsisoft Free Emergency Toolkit

Emsisoft Free Emergency Toolkit  is a powerfull malware tool that can scan for, and remove, over five  million dangers to your PC. With this toolkit, you not only get the malware scanner, you also get HiJackFree and BlitzBlank as well. Emsisoft offers the free download, or you can purchase a pre-compiled USB stick. Emsisoft Free Emergency Toolkit has both a GUI and a command line version, so you can scan your machine even if there are problems with the GUI.
 Emsisoft Free Emergency Toolkit
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4.  Vipre Rescue

Vipre Rescue it is a tool which can be used in case of severe infection. Vipre  is run in safe mode and does not depend upon a GUI tool for use.Just Double click on the executable  and a command window opens with the scanner  detecting infectious files on your system. If you already use the full version of Vipre, you can still run this tool should your machine become so infected, Vipre will not run.
Vipre Rescue
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5. Spybot Search and Destroy Portable

Spy Search and Destroy Portable it is the portable version of  highly popular  full Spy Search and Destroy. It is good in detecting and removing malicious softwares all from your flash drive .Spybot  has a unique feature of backing up your registry before starting the scan in case of removal of any registry file.

Spybot Search and Destroy Portable
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