05 November 2012

Acces your facebook through your linux command line


Today in this world almost everyone is on FacebookToday all our friends and relatives all can be found on Facebook. All of them use Facebook simply from their browser.

But, still a real ultimate geek may not want to access his Facebook account in a way other normal people use. he might try some other different ways to open his Facebook account. So in this post I will tell you that Geeky way to access it.
That most geeky way to access any social networking site is to use it from Linux terminal.Its seems impossible but a bit of PHP script makes it possible.

Introduction-About FBCMD

The thing which i m going to use is a tool called fbcmd which is pre-written in the PHP. It all PHP which drive it.This script allows us to perform all actions which we generaaly perform through our GUI of facebook.It takes command from the terminal like to post a status, to message, to chat etc. and perform that activity accordingly.

What all you need?

To use this script you dont need any special skills. You should have met the system requirements. They are some PHP modules to be installed into your account.To check that goto your file system --> usr--> bin --> and than search for PHP. If it is there than you are ready else you have to install it by issuing simple commands i.e. sudo apt-get install php5-cli php5-curl for all Linux distribution.
fbcmd install php
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Once PHP modules is installed download the fbcmd from this link here (right click it and choose Save As) otherwise do it by command line by  issuing the command as :
 wget https://raw.github.com/dtompkins/fbcmd/master/fbcmd_update.php.
You can have look at more commands like this here.

getting fbcmd through github
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Once that file is downloaded,run this coomand to install fbcmd sudo php fbcmd_update.php install.

installing fbcmd
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How to setup fbcmd?

Fbcmd need to authenticated by Facebook, but it doent use any trival method we generally use.Instead of that we should be passed through a series of steps to be get authorized.

Run fbcmd and you’ll be seeing some instructions printed into the terminal on getting started.

fbcm initial
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Step 1:Start with fbcmd go access which will take to you to fb page to create a session which shows suceess if session is succesfully created.

Step 2:Type fbcmd go auth which wiil take you to the page to create an authentication code which you will be using further to get connected. Press Generate to generate your authentication code. It will change after each session you create.

generating an authentication key
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Then type the fbcmd auth [code], here code is what you get after generation.

entering authentication key
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Now you have to add permissions for fbcmd use fbcmd addperm by this you will be able to do 
anything from your terminal.Allow that permission you want to give or cross if you don't want.

fbcmd addperm
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To check for permissions using fbcmd showperm. It will show the granted permission.

fbcmd showperm
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Usage of Fbcmd

fbcmd stream
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Now when you are set up its time to use the fbcmd to its full capacity.
  • Post a new comment using command fbcmd status [message] for a word or use double quotes to use multiple words in your status. E.g. fbcmd status "hello there".
  • If you'd like to see the posts others have made on your wall, use fbcmd mywall
  • To get a list of all friends use fbcmd friends and for specific friend use fbcmd friends "[string]". (remove the square brackets but include the quotation marks).
  • To see who is online from your friend use fbcmd fonline
  • To show the last messages in inbox you can use fbcmd inbox X, where X is the number of messages you want to show.
  • To check your news feed use fbcmd stream and to like someones post use fbcmd like[postID].
  • To upload a picture to your Facebook, use fbcmd addpic [path of image] [optional album ID] [optional tag].
You can have more commands and there usage b y typing help fbcmd. It will give you full set of commands and its usage.To check out more Linux commands like this also see here.

What you learn matters.!!

I think this is pretty cool doing all this  via command line but it is not suitable for all users.It is more for big-time geeks. So use this if you dare, but it's pretty cool once it is successful.

How cool you like this a way of accessing a Facebook through command line let us know by your comments. What would be your favorite way of accessing the Facebook let us know.