09 November 2012

Get your android phone get protect by the best free android virus protection app..!!


Why I am writing this post?

Today most of users like me and you are having an android mobile and due to its increasing popularity it has also led to many security issues like virus,malware etc.So always have a question in mind that what is best mobile security app for android phones.So, in order to help with these issues many vendor came up and develop various android security app which protects our phone from attack of virus or a phishing or with an anti theft capabilities.
        There are variety of apps which deals with these type of difficulties includes popular antivirus program like avast,avg etc.Here i will be discussing top 5 antivirus fit for your android mobile.

1) Lookout Security and Antivirus

lookout antivirus

  • It can detect and remove the virus or spyware hidden in apps or in email attachments or in phone files.
  • It check for every number you dialled and let you khow if it has any hazardous inpact on your phone like factory reset.
  • It blocks dangerous URl's and websites which can take your private data.
  • One of the best feature that if your mobile get lost find it on google map using lookout.com and also make a loud alarm if it is on silent mode.
  • It also provide an backup and restore your phone when it's data get wiped off or you lost your mobile just using lookout.com. Just sure that you regularly make a online copy of that online.
Current Version: Varies with device
Get Latest Version Here: Install here
User Review:Average rating is 4.5 stars out of 5.

2) Anti Virus FREE(AVG)

  • It scans files,settings,apps and look for malicious program
  • It can also help in finding your lost phone through goole maps.
  • It can Lock or wipe your device to protect your privacy.
  • It can kiil tasks which slows down you computer.
  • It helps in browsing sites safely and securely and also helps in performance tuning.
  • It lock apps to protect your privacy.
Current Version: Varies with device
Get Latest Version Here: Install here
User Review:Average rating is 4.5 stars out of 5.

3) Avast Mobile Security

  • Scans for vulnerable files and apps to protect you from viruses.
  • It checks for access rights of app installed and displays the intents of them.
  • It gives you the remote control via ems or web , cell phone tracking,memory wipe etc through its well known feature Anti theft which is an hidden component.
  • Provides a shield against the vulnerable and phishing sites and blocks them and fixes the mistyped URL's
  • It gives control the app from your Desktop.
  • It provides call filtering of the contacts that you select.
  • Help in performance tuning by efficient use of battery.

Current Version: Varies with device
Get Latest Version Here: Install here
User Review:Average rating is 4.7 stars out of 5.


Choosing a best antivirus is very difficult for you because all providing the same services. To choose one of the best it solely depends on the performance and how much battery power is consumed by that app. According to users average rating Avast  is the top mobile security app for android and according to downloads lookout is seem to be other free antivirus for android phone .In my suggestion Lookout is better option than others according to its performance and many highlighting features.
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