04 December 2012

Create your free online form with the best form maker jot forms a better alternative

jot form the best online and web form maker

Why I am writing this post?

Hello friends I think many of you already know about the jot forms but I want to share my experience with you of my working with JOT forms. They are really good and best customized free online form maker I  ever get accrossed.


Actually in this post I will be writing how to create a simple online form with the jot form. Here are some of the steps which can help you to make your free online form with the best online form maker.

Steps For Creating

Just go to this website Jotform.me. When you go you will get an  empty screen or some display window start with either start from there or got to the MYFORMS written at the top of the form.

create best form with jot
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Once gone there than goto create form as shown in the figure.

create a new form with jot form the best online form
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Now next step is to choose from where you want to build your form, either from scratch or either from templates or either upload a file. You have both options. A dialog box will appear.

create type of documnet you want to create
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Here i will choose to develop from a template and it will also be very useful for the beginners to start with the template rather going from scratch. So a dialog box will appear showing various templates.

best jot template sthe best online form maker
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Just select show more if your desired template is not there and than select from there.Here I will be using the upload form to create. Select upload form from the choices given. You will prompted with the dialog box with the form, select it .You will see a form like this shown below.
best online form maker
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You can also delete the unwanted form objects if you don't want it by simply click on any object as you can see here.

create your form jot template the best online form maker
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Once you all finish with the deleting and editing you have to set up where all your submissions will come. So just make your account in it and all your submissions will come under that email.You can see all your submissions here.

submission detail with best online form maker
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Click on submissions you will see a new dialog box appearing in which all your submission can be seen with variety of options available as you can see.

jot submission details. best online form maker
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Also you can select how many parameters you need in report of submission like IP, name of file etc.
Also if you have an dropbox account you can also integrate it with it to directly put your files into your dropbox.

You can also integrated with more of this type of application like google drive, facebook, etc.
jot integration with dropbox and facebook
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Just Click Integration when you are editing your form.You will get series of options to with you want to integrate your form.

best integration of other services with jot form like dropbox, facebook
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Jot form(online form maker) is not merely used for taking responses or anything. If you explore you will get to know it has many oyher features other than just a online form. It can also be used in survey forms of any type like for google etc or like a feedback form, or a resume builder online and the list goes on. 


Since i have very good experience with jot form one of the best free online form maker i preferably say jot is one of the best with many of its customization features and its integration with many other services which make it more different form other online form makers available.
   In my coming post I will be writing how to integrate dropbox and other free cloud services with your online form builder jot.
             If you have any query or you want something to our post than you are most welcome.