06 November 2012

Know what is dropbox and how it is different from others..!!

11:15 PM By shubham kedia ,



Dropbox is an best file hosting service operated by Dropbox Inc. Technology of Dropbox is totally depends on Cloud basis which includes file synchronization , and client software.It allows user to create a special folder on their computer which is synchronized on their cloud network.

(Cloud Network is placing your file on Internet and access it from any corner of the world regardless where you have put it)

Dropbox has now come with its own application which synchronizes all the data between your computer and on Internet. Dropbox gives this application both on your mobile and computer.


Dropbox, Inc. was founded in 2007 by a MIT graduates Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, as a Y Combinator startup company.Dropbox is a result of need as we all know by favorite quote "need is mother of all creation".Dropbox is created as said by founder of Dropbox that he mostly forget his USB     and because of that he loses its important files and he has to suffer a lot because of that.

Today Dropbox provides the client software for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux, for Google Android, Apple iOS, and BlackBerry OS, and web browsers.


  • Dropbox fives you a free space of 2 gb at an initial install of Dropbox.
  • You can increase your space upto 16 gb by referring your account to others by inviting others to install.
  • It's synchronize your data in a way it is put upon on your computer or phone in the Dropbox folder.
  • It does also doesn't disrupt your normal surfing of your internet means it doesn't halt your any of application for complete upload of any file.
  • It very useful when you computer is formatted  or you install a new window or any fatal failure cause your precious data to be lost it will download it to your computer automatically.
  • It also provide very good online gui and services which r=includes sharing of a folder, providing a link of particular file you want to show to the other.
  • It also provide you to host your website online using Dropbox which is now becoming very famous today. Any blogger or a web developer will understand it better.
  • It uses the top most security and hif=ghest encrption algorith AES-256 to protect the user data to be hacked by the hacker.


Today there are more than 50 million users who are using dropbox to store their  personal and important data. Dropbox has become a more popular than google drive and skydrive launched by microsoft because of its efficiency and incredible services.