12 November 2012

Host your website for free with Dropbox and create your own website for free..!!

Why am I writing this?

Hello guys today my topic will be looking weird but it is not. Today I am gonna tell you about magic of Dropbox which i have left covered in previous topics.Today I will be telling you a very interesting part of Dropbox. Dropbox has many uses out of which I am gonna discuss it now.


Dropbox is not merely a simple tool to play with. It has its broader way of it's use. Today in this post I will tell you how to host your website for free on Dropbox because it is a free website hosting and it will be helpful for those who are fed up of over charging of hosting charges.It will help you to make your own website for free.
                         By following below steps you will be easily host your website on Dropbox. Since there are two of doing it out of which one is simple and other one is hard.So here I will be discussing the simplest one. I you want to know how to host your blog on Dropbox than stay connected.

Step 1: If you haven't installed the Dropbox yet than install it by following steps given here.


Step 2: Go to website pancake.io and create your account and Let allow pancake to allow to use Dropbox.

hosting at pancake.io
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Step 3: Once you get connected automatically your Dropbox will prompt to allow permission to the pancake api. 

authentication for dropbox apps
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Once allowed it will automatically generate a folder with name apps. Under apps you will find a pancake folder.

apps folder createdin dropbox folder
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Enter into Apps folder you will get the pancake.io folder and put your all html file there.

pancake and scripto folder in apps folder
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I hope you have found it easy to do it. You can also check this website which is hosted on Dropbox http://goo.gl/tkQWF.

Also there is one more issue you should deal with that is the daily file transfer capacity. According to Dropbox there not more than of 20 GB(for free users) of data transfer if it exceeds than your account will be suspended automatically. But I think having a max of 10 mb site will not let you cross your avg usage.

There are more number of api's available from which you can also use to host website for free like its scriptogr.am. Here you cannot define your own layout but its work pretty good like an Blogspot or Tumblr etc.This is an test site you can check it out here: http://goo.gl/CoL9k

hosting at scriptogr.am
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Another One is Dropages.com. It is little bit open means you cant expect fuul privacy. Here your folder is shared by the company which have full rights to change,edit and look into your files. It can also have your personal information and can even use for illegal purposes.

hosting at droppages
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According to my choice pancake.io is a better option. Because all your informance is safe with you and your data is with you. Nobody can actually edit it untill you give them permission to do so.
                                  In next post I will tell you how to host your CMS through Dropbox using Droppages. Not an bad idea to start it with but if you want full privacy go for than paid ones. If you like this post like us on Facebook. For any queries and info please comment below. Your comments are valuable and help us to grow further.