09 November 2012

How to enhance your security in Gmail account?

12:57 AM By Pallav Jain , , ,

2 step verification security in gmail

Just imagine that if someone else gets to know your Gmail account password, but still he is not able to log into your account. How can you do this?

Well, Gmail has even provided its users with a facility named as 2-Step Verification, which helps making your account more secured.

Why you should use 2-step verification?

The 2-step verification system significantly reduces the chances of having the personal information in your Google account stolen by someone else because hackers would have to get not only your password and your username, but also your mobile phone.

In this verification system, other than the usual password verification, the user while logging in also gets a random 6 digit verification code on his mobile number, which needs to be entered to get access to the account.  

How can you enable this 2-Step verification system in Gmail?

The process of enabling this facility is very simple: -
·         First, open your Gmail account and then click on the name of your mail ID written at the top right of the webpage.
Click on account to open the account setting

·         Then, click on Account. Thus, a new tab gets opened in your browser. Then, click on Security.
click on security to open security settings

·         Thus, we get 3 options on the screen – Password management, 2-Step verification and Authorizing applications and sites.

·         Then, click on Edit button in the 2-Step verification option.
Security setting of google account

·         Then, Gmail will ask your password again, re-enter your password to proceed further.

·         Then, a webpage appears. Now, click on See how it works button to continue the process further.
See How it works button for 2 step verification in gmail

·         Next, click on Start setup button to begin the setup of 2-Step verification system.
Click on Start setup to start 2 step verification

·         Then, enter your mobile number in the space provided as shown in the image.
enter mobile number to begin the 2 step verification security

·         Then, click on Send code button to get a 6 digit verification code from Google on your mobile phone.

·         Then, click on Verify. Then, Gmail will ask you whether to trust this computer on or not. If this is your personal computer, then retain the tick in the given box. Else, unmark it.

·         Next, click on next button. Then click on Confirm.
Confirm to start the 2 step verification

·         After doing this, Gmail will ask you to re-enter your password. After you get logged in again, the 2-step verification is successfully enabled in your account.

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