07 November 2012

Know how to install Dropbox to your computer and get 2.5 GB of free cloud storage..!!

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Dropbox is very easy to install as it does not require any geeky mind to install it. It also doesn't require any hi tech pre-requisite.By following below steps you will be able to easily install it on you computer.

Step 1: Go to this link here and create your account. LINKIt will ask for your name and a valid email id to create a valid account. It will look like this.
welcome dropbox
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Step 2: Once you create your account you will be redirected to your account and automatically dropbox is downloaded automatically.You just don't have to do any thing just click that software when downloaded and it will ask for some final formalities to be filled after that your are completed uptill than be patient.

dropbox download
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Step 3: Click on the Dropbox when it is finish downloading you will be prompted to run setup.
run dropbox
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Step 4:When setup is run it will to install it.
install dropbox
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Step 5: Click on install and it will start installing.

installing dropbox
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Step 6: It will than ask for if you have account or not. I hope you have created your account properly."Click on I have account".

i have dropbox account
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Step 7: Enter your email and password which you have used to create the account.

dropbox authentication
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Step 8: Select your plan. Select 2 gb plan initially.Don't go for biigger plans because it cost you many.Make sure that you have created the account which you have given above else you will miss the best part which i m gonna tell you at the last.
dropbox plan
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Step 9: Now a new screen will be prompted to select how you want to install it. Leave it as typical/ Go for advanced if you think you are a computer geek.
dropbox typical installation
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Step 10:Now select the folder in which you want to make your dropbox to reside. Here i have selected favorite as my folder where my dropbox will reside because it will be always on top when you open your window explorer.

dropbox in favorites
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Step 11:Select your icon to be showed on your folder as it is an special folder for you and your system.

dropbox folder icon
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Now you have to done anything. Now you are almost done. Following images will tell you how to make use of Dropbox.

 Now finally you have done.Now you have to press Finish to end this tedious job.Once you hit enter you will have opened your dropbox folder.

dropbox folder
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This is the online account of your Dropbox  See all the content of that folder is present online.You can access it anywhere from any corner of the world.

dropbox home

I hope you learn something from this post. Feel free to give your comment by your precious comment.


Dropbox is not merely a simple software which you installed on your system. It has many application which i will be discussing further in coming post like how to host your website using Dropbox or how to increase space of your Dropbox by your many social networking sites. And the magic thing which i have said is that instead of 2 gb you will be getting 2.5 gb. Try to get answer of this and let me know by your comment.