11 November 2012

Top 10 tips that can help you gain traffic for your blog

2:11 AM By Pallav Jain , ,

get more traffic to your blog

Why am I writing this post?
In this world, everyday many new bloggers join and become a part of the blogging family. However, all of the bloggers are not able to impress and drive traffic to their blog content.

This is because they are not able to present their knowledge in front of the readers in a manner that the readers enjoy.

Thus, I am writing this post with an aim to help those bloggers who have enough knowledge, but are lacking in presentation skills.

By reading this post, and applying them in their blogging habits, they can get more traffic, and thus their knowledge would start getting its true worth in the form of appreciation from the readers..

The following are a few tips which I think can help a lot of bloggers: -

   1)      Never make use of long paragraphs. It makes the reader bored and thus he tends to skip most of its contents.

   2)      Highlight the important/key words in your article. This attracts the reader’s attention directly to the main point.

   3)      Use as many images as you can to make things simple for the reader. It becomes very easy to understand a topic, if it is supplied with suitable images. Hence, providing images wherever possible should be practised.

   4)      If possible, provide the readers with links of similar types of articles. This will give the readers a chance to know more about the same topic.

   5)      Never forget to ask your readers to post their comments/queries on the article.

   6)      Whenever you explaining some steps, always write small paragraphs, and write the points in bullets or number them.

   7)      Always try to begin your article with an image/logo, which can attract the readers, and at times it can also explain the users about the content in the topic.

   8)      If possible, provide the readers with you tube videos related to the topic.

   9)      The grammatical errors in the contents of your blog must be very less. You should always get your articles checked by some websites, which can point out your grammatical errors, so that you can correct them.

  10)  You should never use heavy vocabulary in your articles. You should always make your articles simple and easily understood by the readers.
      If you should follow the above tips in the writing of your blog post, then you may drive more traffic to your blog.

If you have any queries related to this post, then you may comment below..

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