04 November 2012

Is Blogger blog the best alternative for new bloggers to start with?

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People who are thinking of starting a new blog are often in confusion as to which platform should they choose for their new blog? They have multiple choices like WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla, Blogger etc. Most of the new bloggers prefer choosing Blogger blog for its user friendly platform.

However, everything has its pros as well as cons. Even though the Blogger blog is highly preferred by most of the new bloggers, it still has its own limitations.

The following are the Advantages and Limitations of the Blogger blog.

Advantages :

·         User friendly
It is very user friendly. Users can modify the look of their blog as per their desire and convenience by changing their templates, and also by adding, removing gadgets using Layout option.

·         Provides lot of inbuilt gadgets
Blogger provides lot of inbuilt gadgets for the new users (It takes into consideration the fact that many of its users might not be able to modify their blog too much, so it provides them beforehand with all the necessary gadgets).

·         No limitation on the number of posts
There is no limitation on the number of posts a blogger can post in his blog. Thus, it provides the bloggers a sense of freedom to write as many articles as possible.

·         Usage of simple programming languages
The Blogger blog makes the task of its users easy by making use of simple HTML/Javascript/CSS in its templates, whereas in other platforms you need to know a lot of languages beforehand, in order to make even the slightest modifications in their blog.

·         Frequent Updation of data
Because Blogger is a Google product, so Google bot includes the data in the blogger blog very quickly, as compared to any other blogging platforms. Thus, our posts on blogger are published very soon in the Google search engine.

·         Monetary advantages
The Blogger is flexible for any type of advertisements. You can add different sizes of ads in your Blogger template. There is an inbuilt gadget for Google AdSense, so that once you can easily earn money by getting ads from the Google.

 Limitations :

·         Limited storage space
 For Photo hosting services, Blogger provides Picasa Photo hosting service, which has a limit on the storage space, but you can always pay some extra amount of money to increase the storage space of Google Picasa.

·         Blog following limitations
You can follow a maximum of 300 blogs only under a single blogger account.

·         Limitations on Number of Authors/Admin
You can add maximum of 100 Authors/Admin in your Blogger blog.

·         Limitation on Number of labels
The number of characters used in the labels of a particular post cannot exceed 200 letters.
Also, for each post, we cannot use more than 20 labels.
Also, the maximum number of labels for any blogger account cannot exceed 5000.

·         Static Pages Count
You can add maximum of only 20 static pages in your blogger blog. If you try to exceed the number of static pages beyond 20, the blogger does not give such permissions.

·         Lack of proper security
One of the biggest drawbacks of Blogger platform is the lack of proper security. Many of the accounts are made inactive every year because of spamming.

·         Limitation on size of the blog content
The maximum size of any post on blogger blog cannot exceed 1MB.
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