07 November 2012

How to check the number of backlinks of your website from this awesome SEO Backlink checker tool ?

SEO backlink tool

Why am I writing this post?
Today I am writing this post because when I started my blog, I found an article in which they mentioned about the ways to increase your Google page rank and Alexa rank through backlinks.

They mentioned in their article that more the number of backlinks more is the Blog/ website’s traffic.
First, I want to familiarise you with the term Backlink.

What is Backlink?
Whenever you visit any blog/website, you find gadgets like Blog Roll, in which some links are given. Those links are called as Backlinks. You can also add backlinks in the comment space of the Blog/website, by posting a comment of your own, along with the link of the latest post in your Blog/website.

By an intense searching in the Google Search Engine, I found an awesome SEO Backlink checker tool which gives you the exact count of the number of backlinks for your Blog/website.

The tool’s name is Small SEO Backlink Checker Tool. The link of SEO Backlink checker tool is given below.
All you need to do is just enter the URL of your Blog/website in the given box of this SEO backlink checker tool and then click on check button.
SEO backlink checker tool search

In a fraction of seconds, you will not only get to know your backlinks count, but also about which backlink has good page rank, which can help you to tell about the quality backlinks.
SEO backlink checker tool search result

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