15 December 2012

Best CDN setting of CloudFlare to get the optimum service for your blog.

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Best CDN setting of Cloudflare

In the previous post (CloudFlare-AFree CDN service for bloggers) and (How to setup a CDN setting of CloudFlare onyour domain?), I explained you about the world best CDN service CloudFlare and its installation path.

In the following post, I am going to tell you about how you can get the Best CDN setting of CloudFlare, so that CloudFlare serves you the optimum service for your website.

To apply this Best CDN setting in your CloudFlare account, just follow these simple steps:-

STEP 1: First, log in CloudFlare and open your account, then go to CloudFlare setting as shown in the figure.

STEP 2: After this, a webpage appears on your screen in which there are three types of settings are given:

  1.        Setting Overview
  2.            Security Settings
  3.            Performance settings
STEP 3: For Best CDN setting, select each type of setting and set it as given below…
(Note: This setting is for those users who are using CloudFlare as a free CDN service)

Setting Overview

Security profile                    : Custom
Performance profile             : Custom
Cache Purge                        : Use it, when you changes anything in your blog
Development mode             : Temporarily enter development mode on your blog
Automatic IPv6                  : Full
SPDY                                     : This facility is for paid users
Outbound Links                 : ON
Always Online                    : ON
IP Geolocation                   : ON
Google Analytics                : Install Google Analytics on your web pages
SSL                                   : This facility is for paid users

Security Setting

Security profile                        :   Custom
Advanced DDoS protection     : This facility is for paid users
Basic protection level               : Medium
Challenge passage TTL            : 15 minutes
Customize challenge page        : It is not an  important stuff
E-mail address obfuscation      : ON
Server side exclude (SSE)        : ON
Browser integrity check           : ON
Hotlink protection                    :  ON
Advanced security (Web Application Firewall): Paid Facility

Performance Setting

Performance profile                 : Custom
Caching level                           : Aggressive
Minimum expire TTL               : 2 hours
Auto Minify (Web optimization): Click on JS, CSS, HTML
Rocket Loader™ (Web optimization): Off
Website preloader                    : This facility is for paid users

That’s all.This is the Best CDN setting of CloudFlare for your blog. Try it to get optimum results.

If you have any queries related to this post, you can comment below and ask your queries to me…

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