12 December 2012

CloudFlare-A Free CDN service for bloggers

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Do you want to speed up your blog by using Free CDN service?

Do you want to secure your blog from hackers by using Free CDN service?

If your answer is yes, then today, this post can help you to prevent your blog from loading slow and any unethical events done by a hacker.

I know that from ancient times of blogging, many bloggers are fed up by the optimisation of his blog due to slow speed.

In the starting of my blog, I also get this type of problem.

So that is why, I am going to discuss here about an awesome tool for your blog which can help you to overcome these problems in simple way.

CloudFlare-A Free CDN Service which speeds up and secures your blog in few minutes.

Cloudflare-A Free CDN service

CloudFlare is one of the best free CDN services and DNS services around the globe which provides blogger a better environment to run his blog with fast speed and prevent from hacking without giving any money to the cloudflare provider.

In Today’s world, CDNs cover all the internet content market such as web objects, downloadable objects, applications, live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social networks.

How Free CDN service helps your blog to run faster?

Actually, Content Delivery Network (CDN) consists of many servers all over the globe, which takes a copy or cache of your blog and distributes it.

When a visitor tries to access your blog, it is first connected to the nearby server present in his area.
Cloudflare-A Free CDN service process

From that server, the copy or cache of your blog has been sent to your visitors, which helps to load up your blog very quickly.

It also supports your DNS to reduce the bandwidth of your blog which decreases the number of errors and 404 occurred in your blog.

What are the main features of this tool, which makes this tool much better than the other Free CDN service?

  • Globally distributed CDN – CloudFlare Data servers are placed all over the world, which helps your DNS to load up your blog fast to any visitor present at any part of the world.
  • Static Content Caching – Due to CloudFlare static content caching system, it helps your blog to reduce the bandwidth of your DNS server.
  • Keep your blog online – Sometimes, when your blog DNS goes down, it keeps your blog online.
  • Optimize your blog Content – It serves you to optimize and resize images which are present in your blog and minifies your JavaScript, CSS, HTML code as well. It also provides rocket loader service, which helps your blog JavaScript responds much faster than the last time.
  • Block spammers and hackers – It also helps you to block the spammers and hackers to visit your blog and do any unethical stuff.
  • Free Apps and tools – It also provides some essential tools which may help your blog to look smarter and more secure. Here I listed some tools, which are provided by Cloudflare to the users.

Cloudflare-A Free CDN service Free Apps

Google Analytics to check the total number of threats arrived at your blog.

Page Rules to stop the particular static page from Cloudflare service.

Pingdom tool to check the speed of your blog regularly and sends you an email about an error and speed of your blog.

This is all about Cloudflare (how is it better than other Free CDN service?)
In the forthcoming post, I am going to tell you – How to implement this Free CDN service in your blog.

If you have any queries related to this post, which is about Free CDN service, you can comment below and ask your queries to me. I try my level best to reply your queries as fast as I can do.

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