18 December 2012

Improve your google page rank and Speed up Your Blog through best free CDN services

What is CDN and why It is Important?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network which generally focused on various aspects to increase performance and speed of your site, plugins and your all every content on your blog page. CDN generally based on distributed computing which means having large distributed system of servers around the globe which stores a copy of your site into its servers. Instead of loading your site from one main servers it gets load from any of the nearby server of CDN.

The goal of a CDN is to serve the content to end-users with high availability and high performance that's why I prefer to use a good CDN's server. It can hold any type of data you want to provide to the end-user like videos, photos etc.

So it is very important enough to increase your site speed very much in which free CDN services will help you out. In addition, CDN's providers provide a degree of protection from variety of attacks like DoS attacks by using their large distributed servers to absorb the attack traffic.

Today CDN's are using in a very good Hybrid model of P2P technology while the most early CDNs served content use a dedicated servers owned and operated by the CDN.It is also very useful for your blog which has over thousands of monthly visitors which not only decrease your blog speed but also increase bounce rate of your site.

free cdn services

Importance of using a CDN

There are variety of importance of free CDN services directly and indirectly it is as follows:

  1. Helps to Speed up you site by storing data in nearby CDN servers.
  2. Help to minify all your large CSS, java Script file
  3. Helps to improve your google website ranking.(Discussed in the end)
  4. Secure your sites from various type of attacks like Dos attacks.
  5. Increase security of you site as it has to double hack to reach the main server.(Dicussed in the end).
There are variety of free CDN services available which will really work for your blog to increase your site speed and performance
Now before going for a paying CDN services like Max CDN,Amazon S3, etc., you musttake a look at these free CDN as they will be more easy to setup and they are best  free CDN services.

It is one of the most popular free CDN services out here.It operates in more than 20 data centers across the world, what it basically do is that caches your static files at one of there  edges nodes or their one of the servrs, so that these files will be  stored closer to your visitor servers.It uses the Anycast technology to re-route the user to nearest center of their data center where all your site files is located and give it to the user.

It states the they have save about most of the main origin server bandwidth which cost you nothing as it is free. Their belief is that every site must be responsive and fast. You can check your speed in one of the famous speed checker gtmetrix.com and whichloadfaster.

To see how to configure your site with cloudfare go here.

It is also one of the best free CDN servicse which add performance and security to your websites of all sizes.Just a simple DNS change can route traffic from globally distributed network of high powerd server of incapsula.It even also protects from most popular attacks like a DDos attacks which is not available for free. It  takes only few minutes to set up or to add up your website to the  Incapsula by making a simple change to your DNS name.

jsDelivr is also a free hosting or content distribution or delivery network (CDN) or a free CD services which lets users to host javascripts for free from anywhere around the world.To load javascript from a free CDN like jsDeliver which has many edge locations, which will drastically increase the of our site or our blog. jsDelivr supports hosting of javascripts for many other famous CMS stands for content mangement system like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Other more popular free CDN services you must look out are:


I prefer to use CDN as they save lot of time of user to load up your sites. It also increase your load time and also help you to go up in google ranking as google also have criteria to choose most responsive site.In above I also discussed how to improve your website ranking in google.

 As it is said that google also take in consideration that sites which have very high responsive time than others. You can check various sites like shoutmeloud,com, labnol.org, techcrunch.com they all are big bloggers which have improved website ranking in google for there fast responsive in nature and less load time.

Also it will be more difficult for hacker to hack your original sit server as it is stored in CDN's servers at various locations so he has to cross check every location which takes lot of time and very hard job to do so.

So I think this post is liitle bit informative regarding how to improve website ranking in google or improve search engine ranking or how to add more security to you blog.

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