14 December 2012

Upload your file from anywhere to your famous online free cloud storage space "Dropbox"

free online form maker with free cloud storage

Why I am Writing this post?

Hey friends, i am writing this because of my own personal experience. One day I ask by some of my best fellas to send some our best time photographs to my email, but than problem arises because of a limited upload limit of each file. Also my friend asks if they can also get those photographs and sending it again via email each time for each friends is a very frustrating task to perform. So than I got a solution after spending some of my time on searching a solution ,and I got one which I want to share with you. So here I have done with the help of Dropbox the free cloud storage service.


To send multiple files I have used an api of free cloud storage service Dropbox which will help you to send multiple files at same time and directly put it into your free cloud storage Dropbox folder with an appropriate report. Also you can share that folder with your friend. 
     Here I will start from the free online form maker JOT form. One of the best online form maker which is now integrated with free cloud storage Dropbox. If you haven't install the Dropbox yet than know how to install it.

As discussed above I will going to use api of free online form maker jot form. I used it many times but never think of using with Dropbox. Just go to Jot Forms create your new form. If you are not familiar with these forms than you can see how to create your first sample jot form.

Uploading with Jot Forms

You can easily upload your form with the help of Jot forms one of the best online form maker with its variety of customization feature and options. If you need some guidance about it you can refer my previous posts on Dropbox.Follow the following steps and you are almost done.

Step 1 : First create your form basically it should be of upload type. You can refer it here.

Step 2: Goto MYFORMS at upper left corner.

start with my forms in online form maker
click to enlarge

Select any of the form you have created. And than goto the submissions placed at center of the top of the page.

click on submissions in online form maker
click to enlarge

A new page will be opened. Than click on the                icon on the right corner. A drop down box 
will appear and than select as shown.
final step with dropbox in online form maker
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It will ask for an authentication. Just authenticate it and you are know almost finished.

Step 3 : Now you all setup ,now its turn for a demo form. Just go to MYFORMS. Select the more options from there and select view form. 
view form in free online form maker
click to enlarge

Note the address of it and now it is ready to be given to anyone to upload any file with free online form maker from anywhere.
now upload from anywhere with free online form maker
click to enlarge


With free online cloud storage service Dropbox and the best online form maker we can almost have the best optimized form and data can be send to your free cloud storage Dropbox  I hope this post is valuable to you. In upcoming post I will be discussing about the alternatives for free online form maker jot forms.

             If you have any query or you want something add up to my post than you are most welcome.

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