19 December 2012

How to setup a CDN of Incapsula in your domain?

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In the previous post, I explained you about the difference between Incapsula and CloudFlare (Incapsulav/s CloudFlare- the best free CDN providers in the world) and I also gave a conclusion that CloudFlare is better than Incapsula.

I also wrote an article on installing CloudFlare CDN (How to install a CDN setting of CloudFlare in your domain).

But, if you got any problem in installing CloudFlare in your DNS, then you can setup a CDN of Incapsula in your domain without doing any change in your DNS.

As you know, Incapsula is one of the leading CDN providers in the world without taking a penny from your pocket.

To setup a CDN of Incapsula in your domain, you just have to follow these simple steps as given below.

Step 1: To install Incapsula CDN, first you have to make an account in Incapsula.

Step 2: After creating an account, login with your username and password again and add your website in the given box as shown in figure.
setup a CDN of Incapsula

Step 3: After clicking on “Add website” button, it scans all your records to check that all your domain records work properly. After the completion of scan, click on “CONTINUE” button to proceed.

Step 4: After this, it asks you to add A record and CNAME record in your DNS. Change it and click on “I have completed the DNS changes” button to complete the setup.
setup a CDN of Incapsula


  • Delete the respective A record and CNAME after clicking on “I have completed the DNS changes” button to setup a CDN of Incapsula in your domain properly.
  • You cannot use CloudFlare and Incapsula both in a same domain because CloudFlare protects your DNS to access Incapsula service.

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